Gun Ownership

This information on gun ownership is old news by
Todays reports. Gun ownership keeps growing and
you can set back daily and watch it grow daily.

Owning a firearm takes a lot of work to train and learn
how the firearm works, the cleaning and repair when needed to keep your firearm in good condition, and
the responsibilities keep growing everyday.

I am not a representative or a salesman that is trying
to get anyone to buy anything in the gun market. I
have seen the increases of firearm ownership and I
watched, listened, read, and worry about crime rates
or should I call the shootings.

I am a gun owner and I have asked a million questions about the wonderful world of firearms, training to be responsible gun owner, learn basic ballistics, taken
several safety courses on firearms, and practicing the necessary skills of many firearms of many makes and models. You will find the best firearms that fit your
needs and desires, there are many choices to make
and it takes time.

All I am asking is for anyone to invest in a safety course
that will fit your needs and learn how to operate your
firearms. Yes it takes money, but it is worth it.

Taking a CCW Test off a web site is not training and
being your best at your ownership of a firearm make
You more valuable. Women are better in training
than men and much safer. This is why I enjoy staying
teachable and ask more questions.

Thank you


There are many good books and videos that can teach one how to safely train. They like @William_H says do not take the place of physical training with someone that can give you experienced expert feedback.


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