Gun Laws being passed for my state

There are big conflicts and misunderstandings of Gun Laws being passed for my state.

In live Florida and I just been through
many months of state gun laws that have changed and amendments have been written for the present year, 2021. The Gun Laws are sent to the HOUSE and to the Senate for voting, can be a big problem in reading and that law can be very difficult to understand and lost in translation. The gun laws are written in way, that may make it to have a different legal meaning, making it different than the people’s desires and attentions for that Gun Law. The Laws are written in a legal matter and hard to understand and has to be translated correctly. Or else, it can cause a failure to pass and be rejected or be poorly excepted into law.

" The Governor’s signature is needed to make it law. "

After all that nightmare is done, we have to live with the LAW !

BUT, that Law or Laws Have Changed in Meaning.

For example, the words like, BUT and IF, can Change the whole meaning of any LAW written.
This can be a very bad day in the neighborhood, legally. I know all of us have read legal documents and
transcripts and without some clarifying of the document, it is very hard to understand. I have caught this in many Gun Laws to be vote on or have already past.

I have spent time in legal battles that the terms used, BUT IF, and there started a legal war and much
time lost to WAIT 6 months for documents to be changed correctly.

William H Smith, Jr


@MikeBKY @William_H >> yep << Two other problems are hidden changes in proposed bills. When things started to go more sideways one document
Contained 500 pages ( I think it was one of the first ones with background checks ).
The other problem in general is caused by legal beagles making things too complicated for most people to understand ( job protection ). Good example is your home owners & auto insurance policy.
Remember the [ TRUE ] old saying “ you have to be a Philadelphia lawyer to understand it “ There are more lawyers then Chinese restaurants.


Laws are rarely plain language. I often say words have meaning and similar but different words have different meanings.
Law school does not law; it teaches you to read, understand and interpret laws.


Thank you very much.