Gun Debate Topics Debunked

You’ve heard them, you’ve groaned at every one of them! Gun debate topics!
Ed Combs writes about these as his top 9:

  1. Gun Confiscation
  2. Gun Buybacks
  3. ‘Universal’ Background Checks
  4. Mass Shootings are Killing Thousands of Americans Every Year (Check out this Community conversation)
  5. Gun-Free Zones
  6. Limit Magazine Capacity
  7. Background Checks for Ammunition
  8. “Red Flag” Laws
  9. If You Want to Talk, We Can Talk

Add your “favorite” gun debate points below!


I would add the silly statements about no one needing an assault weapon to deer hunt. The 2nd doesn’t address hunting in any form.


The founding fathers never imagined these kinds of “weapons” when they wrote the 2nd Amendment.

  • “Assault” Rifles
  • You are more likely to be shot with your own gun than to defend yourself with it

It’s too easy to buy a gun. I haven’t bought a gun yet without the paperwork. I sure as, put your own word here, buying or selling a gun to or from a stranger without the paperwork.


Having a good General knowledge of existing laws can be a big help. When confronted by someone calling for a new law to do ‘X’, you can respond that there already is that law on the books.
At the end of these conversations I tell them that if they want their legislators to do something, they should be badgering them to enforce the laws we already have through prosecution of offenders and significant punishments for the guilty.


Gun show loop hole. I have done a private purchase from a vendor from his personal collection. Don’t make a habit of it, but have done so. The purchase was allowed by federal law, so I was not concerned about making an illegal purchase.

From retail vendors I always have gone through the background checks.