Gun-Control Exec Says Attempts to Sell Guns to Minorities, Women "Incredibly Dangerous"


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Volsky did not elaborate on why selling guns to women or minorities is dangerous in his initial Twitter thread and did not respond to a request for comment.

Sometimes people should think before they speak…
I don’t know what was on his mind, but now it’s impossible to make it right for him…
I wouldn’t call this “racism”, this word always’s been misused, but what he said was definitely not right.

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It appears the statements were not from a racist perspective, but they were quite revealing nonetheless. He sees any expansion of the popularity of guns as “dangerous,” because he sees guns themselves as dangerous. This is, itself, a dangerous position to take. Hammers are not dangerous, they’re tools…until they are used in the commission of a violent crime. So to are baseball bats, automobiles and gasoline.

At least he’s making gun-control look stupid. That will help pro-2A efforts.


Gun control has always been racist. It started with banning freed slaves from owning firearms. That’s one of the great things the NRA did. They trained minorities to use firearms to defend themselves against the KKK. Now, with the regulations, like proposed mandatory gun owner liability insurance, they are back around to the whole idea of poll taxes. The anti-freedom groups have exploited minorities ever since Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation.


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I’m a fan of Maj and agree with a lot of what he says. To the GC Exec I would suggest that Brother Malcolm would disagree and provide the following as evidence.

Malcolm X

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Sounds like misogyny & racism-with-a-smile are in full affect :grin:! I’ve heard this before. The thing is… It is perfectly understandable & savvy to expand selling your products into emerging or untapped markets. These gun control folk seem to have one-track minds. Businesses exist to make :moneybag:! Even if I was the most diabolical racist so-called black man gun manufacturer ever… The simple FACT that I’m in business means that the most relevant color is always GREEN!
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This guy’s family escaped anti-Semitism in Russia, coming to the US because they believed it to be ‘the land of opportunity and equality for all’, according to a piece in The Hill, with a header that reads ‘we need to fix lax gun laws, as well as hate and bigotry.’ Based on his comment, it seems to me that he needs to work on himself before he starts trying to fix the rest of us, because the bigotry starts with him.


Well, you know…women. You can’t just let women carry guns around. They might shoot the next Harvey Weinstein just because he tried to rape them. What a shame that would be.

And all those minorities? They shouldn’t be able to fight back the next time the KKK comes after them. That’s a Cycle of Violence! You never know where that could end up. Soon, you might have black people voting! We can’t have that.

Sarcastic rant over.


IDK about any charities, but what has worked for me is taking them shooting and getting them enrolled in a CCW class. If you invest yourself and demonstrate that you care about their welfare enough to make sure they’re able to defend themselves, you will stand a better chance of winning them over to our side.
If we all did that, and doubled our numbers…Hmmm…


The only dangerous thing about women having a gun is lack of proper training and lack of good judgement. If she has The attitude of I own a gun and already know everything…that is BAD!