Gun Control Advocates Armed



This is NOT surprising to me.
For a lot of Groups today
More so now than ever before
It’s RULES for THEE and not for ME!
Gubment, Big Pharma,Corporate Entities etc.
You are NOT ALLOWED to carry in your job but
they have Armed security.
Its hard to tell the good guys from the bad anymore.


The irony of anti-gun activists relying on armed supporters for their protection raises significant questions about their underlying motives and intentions.

Thankfully, people began to notice. No, disarming honest people is not the end goal.

WTN 99.7 FM’s Brian Wilson raises questions about the legality of this group’s firearms and the trustworthiness of these individuals, including their backgrounds and their credibility in ensuring public safety.

Oh, no, how can we advocate for gun rights, at the same time deprive of theirs the fine anarchist folks of Antifa, radical Earth liberation warriors, and the likes. These terror cells are entitled to guns by the Constitution itself!


its just classic socialist rhetoric, guns for me but not for thee. the first stage in every socialist takeover is to disarm anyone who doesn’t agree with you, so that they can impose their will with impunity, then demonize those that didn’t agree with you and force them to endure public ridicule. its Maoist doctrine at its height.

i think everyone advocating for socialism/communism should be forced to listen to and read some of the interviews of those peoples who have managed to escape from those systems. Lilly Tang William’s interview on the Shawn Ryan podcast is a reaaaaaaly good listen. a lot of americans truely dont understand how fortunate we are as a country and how horrible it really can be.

(1) Lily Tang Williams - Escaping China with $100 in Exchange for Freedom | SRS #033 - YouTube


Our Government Ladies and Gentlement!


Subversion and Ideation. :roll_eyes:

YouTube Accused Of Pushing Violent Content To Children

Emma Woollacott

Senior Contributor



May 17, 2023,05:23am EDT

YouTube’s recommendation algorithm is steering children toward videos of guns and school shootings, according to a new report.

Back in 2021, YouTube’s vice president of engineering Cristos Goodrow said the company had, “made delivering responsible recommendations our top priority,” claiming that its algorithms weren’t steering viewers toward extreme content.

However, according to the The Campaign for Accountability’s (CFA’s) Tech Transparency Project (TTP), this isn’t the case.

The team set up four accounts, posing as two 9-year-old boys and two 14-year-old boys, and created playlists for each that consisted entirely of gaming videos. For the younger viewers, these included Roblox, Lego Star Wars and Five Nights at Freddy’s, while the older accounts watched videos of first-person shooter games like Grand Theft Auto, Halo and Red Dead Redemption.

Researchers then logged and analyzed the videos that YouTube’s algorithm recommended. One of the 9-year-old accounts and one 14-year-old watched the recommended videos, while the others did not. And, they found, YouTube pushed content on shootings and weapons to all four—but at a much higher volume to the pair who clicked on the YouTube-recommended videos.

“It’s bad enough that YouTube makes videos glorifying gun violence accessible to children. Now we’re discovering that it recommends these videos to young people,” said Campaign for Accountability executive director Michelle Kuppersmith. “Unfortunately, this is just the latest example of Big Tech’s algorithms taking the worst of the worst and pushing it to kids in an endless pursuit of engagement.”

YouTube said in a statement that it has robust control processes in place and that the researchers’ activity may not accurately reflect the behavior of users in real life.

“We offer a number of options for younger viewers, including a standalone YouTube Kids app and our Supervised Experience tools which are designed to create a safer experience for tweens and teens whose parents have decided they are ready to use the main YouTube app,” said a YouTube spokesperson.

“We welcome research on our recommendations, and we’re exploring more ways to bring in academic researchers to study our systems. But in reviewing this report’s methodology, it’s difficult for us to draw strong conclusions. For example, the study doesn’t provide context of how many overall videos were recommended to the test accounts, and also doesn’t give insight into how the test accounts were set up, including whether YouTube’s Supervised Experiences tools were applied.”


An article glorifying fascist. always good to understand the other side.

"Sun Tzu said Know the enemy and know yourself in a hundred battles you will never be in peril ".

Anti-Fascist. Armed to the Teeth (