Gubment Werk - Love the Quality

This is a picture of the pillars on the front steps of the Utah State Capitol. Notice the dark spots? Those are repairs done to the solid granite, the entire building is covered in dark grey splotches. It’s like the contractor didn’t give a damn about if the color actually even came close to matching.


OK, I’ll admit it. I once worked for the government, under oath. I found a leak/ hole on my first boat/submarine. I fixed it based on due compensation, I used a U.S. quarter and some duct tape and called it a day! Good enough for gubment work! Held up to 150 feet! Watertight is watertight no matter how you accomplish it. Aesthetics didn’t mean squat.

But I fully understand public buildings, remember who they are hiring, it’s all based on the cheapest bid.

Can you imagine what Peter Bootajudge will accomplish on our highways? Heck I could get the job done, I’m not cheap, but I can be had!

You’ve seen these guys on the way to work, morning coffee, first breakfast, second breakfast, maybe one guy patches a hole and seven watch!


Chin straps? I don’t blame them for not doing much. That’s crossing the line!


And a Bears fan too! Pretty much says it all.


If all government jobs are required to utilize union labor, how are they awarded the lowest bid?

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If a commercial plumber did this kinda job