Groups of strangers at GASS STASHIONS

Gas stations make me nervous. My wife was mugged at one before I knew her, and so they make her nervous too. I usually take her car and fill it up for her. One thing I don’t like about her car is that the filler is on the passenger side, and it won’t let you open the gas cap if the car is locked, meaning she has to unlock all the doors to go around and fill it.

I always try to pick a pump that gives me the clearest view of the whole place while I’m pumping. Also, I never leave home without a Smith & Wesson J Frame revolver in a pocket holster. I stand with my right hand in my pocket as I pump, and no one is the wiser that I’m standing there with my gun in my hand.

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Unfortunately all the sketchy gas stations I have to visit are in CA where I often do field work. My 2A rights are violated there so I can only carry a knife, pen and pepper spray while there.

I have my work vehicle set up so all the doors lock as soon as I move the selector out of park. I also have it set up so it won’t unlock unless I pull the door handle or hit the unlock button. That way when I get out at a gas station only my driver door is unlocked. Stops people from doing the quick grab and go on the passenger side. Also gives me the opportunity to pull the hose and jump in the car and go if I see a threat coming. Or push the lock button on the key in my pocket and quickly go in the store or some other direction if I feel that’s the better option.


Sorry you have to go there at all. Maybe someday we’ll all have the ability to travel anywhere in the country while exercising our most basic rights. Maybe.


I’m not holding my breath but I’m open to miracles on the National Reciprocity front.

I get hazardous duty pay for working in CA which allows me to spend good chunks of time home with the family in AZ.

I also get free realistic training and practice for dealing with a post apocalyptic world:/


98% of my local gas purchases are at a Costco, which is usually the cheapest, busy, videoed, no cash and have an attendant on the premises.
Even when travelling I’ll research any Costcos on my route, or Tribal owned gas stations, or truck stops (which also need to be well lit and attended)

Nobody notices an old guy with one hand in his pocket while he pumps gas.


I totally agree. I almost never let my tank go below 1/2. I never get gas at night either. Even during the day my head is on a swivel. I am always aware of my surroundings and where people are at all times. I also never allow my back to be vulnerable. Probably from my military experiences, but it has served me well. I am never surprised….knock on wood. Lol