Grocery chain unveils armed retail security team

I thought this would happen, and expect other companies in retail and property management to follow suit. I also have lower expectations of law obedience from armed hired muscle, than of police. Can they search your vehicle? Can they follow you home? Its brave new world.


No way in hell would I want that job. You know darn well that the first time one of those guards shoot the store will leave them in the lurch. The potential for lawsuits and jail time wouldnt be worth what they will be paying.


Agree 100%.

Interesting that in recent times, everyone want to be the Police … except the Police.

Stay safe out there.


Whole Foods in Santa Fe, NM has had an armed security guard for years. I can only imagine what they have for their Albuquerque stores.

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Depends on the connections the security company CEO has to local judges and prosecutors.
You cannot expect the niche left empty by the police to stay empty.

I believe at this point security and liability insurance has got to be cheaper than the loss in some markets. What else do retailers have as an option? I do agree that this will be a trial by fire in the courts. Although these are private businesses on private property, what’s the difference in a county court house and the sheriff security? And (the supreme keeper of knowledge):point_left:insert name, I do understand the obvious.

If the capitalist retailer would give some of the social justice comrades (not the street type, but the elected official type) a nice stake in corporate profits, the situation would change. Comrades are notoriously strict in protecting socialist property.


You are correct. But, aren’t the comrades get a safe in taxes? Or you talking “kickbacks”?

Comrades have needs. Do you know what it costs to charter a private plane, or service a Tesla these days?

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No idea. :joy:

They can’t search my vehicle. Probably not a good idea to follow people home. I am all about a place having security, but they are not police. Even the police need probable cause, permission or more to search.


Pardon the wrong choice of verbs. Not can they, will they? Dont imagine mall security of yesteryear, but rather the “motorcycle club” group of folks.

I recall when the Hells Angles were hired for securing by the Rolling Stones…

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