Grips on your guns

I have the same gun and I’m thinking of doing the same thing to it.

I love the 2.0 aggressive texture, but their are times where I carry my PC shield9.

Do the talon grips last? I’m concerned with peeling, or attracting lint or fuzz (not for functional purpose, just annoying). Would it add a little more meat to the gun? I prefer the shield 45 because I get just enough more to hold onto, where as the shield is just a little too small. If they are removed, do they leave a lot of gunk?

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I found the Talon grips lasted OK. After a few weeks of carrying a M&P 9C, I noticed they did peel back a little bit. I would trim them with a razor, but they would peel again after a while. I do carry at work, and often am hard on holsters and such, so your mileage may vary. I did use a strip of their material for front strap texture on one gun, it lasted a long time.

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My talon grips are good for about 1 year and 1/2 depending how much you carry then I replace them. It doesn’t add much thickness to the grip and no gunk. But they definitely do feel better on the gun. They just came out with Talon Pro Grips also. YouTube has videos on all types of Talon grips and how to install them.


I’ve moved on to the 2.0s. I love their texture. It’s the only thing missing on the pc shield IMO

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And now they have the 2.0 PC Shield with the aggressive texture.


:+1: I’d like to get my hands on one of those compacts like you carry one day. Those seem like the perfect size.

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It’s the perfect 9mm subcompact I love my M&Ps brother. They are about 475 to 520 right now I have seen them.

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