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Sooner or later her looks are going to fade. When that happens you’ll be looking at the Bride of Frankenstein - minus a brain. My hope for the sake of the country is that the first busload from Palestine be dropped off at her doorstep. Since AOC is against Assault Rifles and Guns in general it will be an interesting time for her and her boyfriend.


Want to make your neighborhood less desirable? Put a big freakin sign on the city limits that “this is the home of the quarterly pork and bacon festival.”



I only have one thing to say to her.

“I’ll take a Diet Coke with a lime”.


The Israelis rejected a two-state solution to the Palestine-Israel world, so they reject the borders and notion that Gaza or the West Bank are not part of Israel.

There are 2.3 million people jammed into the Gaza strip, reportedly 21,000 people per square mile. Compare that to Los Angeles (8,000 people/sq mile), Salt Lake City (1,800 people/sq mile), Miami (13,000 people/sq mile), Boston (13,000 people/sq mile), Atlanta (3,600 people/sq mile), New York City (5,000 people/sq mile), Washington DC (11,000 people/sq mile). That density is unsustainable.

The Israelis have ordered around 1 million people to move to the south end of Gaza, near Egypt in preparation for ground operations. Not sure where those 1 million people will stay, but I suspect that there’s A LOT of pressure being put on Egypt to open its border with Gaza to take its residents as they will be expelled by the Israeli army in the next few weeks.

Egypt’s economy is a train wreck thanks to its borrowing for massive public works that have produced nothing. Any Gaza residents it admits will be a massive drain on its economy, and it will seek to push the Palestinians elsewhere. The Palestinians will become a swarm of migrants looking for a home. AOC is right that a fair number will find their way to America. Thank the Israelis for our newest immigrants.

Yeah, I agree. Israel has no right to answer those attacks. In fact Israel should immediately surrender. Or…Israel should completely, and finally, annihilate Hezbollah, Hamas and, if they insist on a fight, Iran!


No… thank the bidung regime for wilfully ignoring their duty to protect the states from invasion.


//Israel has no right to answer those attacks.//

That’s not what I said. Israel has been living with the Palestinians since 1947, when the UN created the partitions of Israel and Palestine. The US voted for that partition, BTW.

Israel rejected the 2-state structure in the 1970s, so it tossed out what the US and the UN proposed. It and the Palestinians prefer killing one another than crafting an actual solution. Even the Irish/British figured out how reach a solution to the partition of Ireland, but not the Israelis and Palestinians.

So now Israel is gonna send the Palestinians to us (the ones it does not kill or who don’t get killed in Egypt) when it liquidates the giant refugee camp, called the Gaza Strip.

Neither you nor anyone else can change that future.

Since the Republican party is focused on social/sexual issues and fighting over who gets to be Speaker and shut down the government, that guarantees Biden will be in power 'til he dies, and then it’s up to Kamala.

Keep your silly rant on the other thread. Don’t bring this here, too. We have already discussed this.


Hamas Charter:

The original, 1988 version of the charter emphasize four main themes: [18]

  1. Destroying Israel and establishing an Islamic theocracy in Palestine is essential;[18]
  2. Unrestrained jihad is necessary to achieve this;[18]
  3. Negotiated resolutions of Jewish and Palestinian claims to the land are unacceptable;[18]
  4. Historical anti-semitic tropes that reinforce the goals.[18]

The Covenant proclaims that Israel will exist until Islam obliterates it, and jihad against Jews is required until Judgement Day. Compromise over the land is forbidden. The documents promote holy war as divinely ordained, reject political solutions, and call for instilling these views in children.[18]

The updated 2017 charter attempts to moderate Hamas’s image by stating that Hamas is not anti-Jewish but anti-Zionist, but retains the goal of completely eliminating Israel.[18]


I actually see the ‘Twisted Logic’ in her pea brain thinking.
(as I duck the tomatoes, Rocks and switchblades thrown at me!)

They could use this as a ‘pincer move’ and attack/Invade from the East!. LEGALLY!
Swarm like locusts the east coast from Maine to Florida! Although in Maine they’d stick
out like a sore thumb and likely get a Lobster jammed up their asses.
You have the border states locked up. Any real Law Enforcement in Southern
Texas, New Mex, AZ and Cali are already overwhelmed. The .gov has Bussed countless
enemy to some Blue states (think about that folks) They actually bussed these migrants all over
the country (and Gov About face said it was to alleviate the problem in Texas?) that’s
like saying we chopped the patient’s head off to delay the Cancer.
If anybody HONESTLY can say they think this isn’t a PLANNED INVASION there is really no talking to
them. And Now the Palestinians… Moslem’s… Fresh off the successful attack/Massacre on Israel
EMBOLDENED NOW! High on Ampie’s, YES! I SAY let’s INVITE (1) MILLION+ more TERRORISTS here. Absolutely! Give them all free phones so they can tell their friends.

You’ve GOT to be kidding.



George, That sum’s it up perfectly. We can close this Topic now and talk about Massatwoshitz Draconian gun Dictatorship Laws… Take a Bow Brother. These evil children scare the hell out of me.


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Ha! I guess you’re the local Karen who thinks she runs this site. Don’t like my thoughts, don’t read 'em. Simple as that, Karen.

Karen? LOL From you, oh, no, such a grave insult, I believe it was a mortal blow. LOL. Good thing I am not a mere mortal. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I believe you understand my point, which is why you got so butt hurt by it.

Trolls post the same ridiculous posts on multiple threads, just like you. This trolling behavior invalidates anything you post. If it was so insightful, you would only need to post it once. Posting it numerous times does not change anyone’s mind. Just further cements one’s opinion of the poster.





Why, WHY didn’t we think of that before?


Because we are all supposed to be dieting? :sunglasses: I fast just about every day. Does that mean I eat less? Only during the day. :sunglasses: If you recall, I am not religious, so my fasting is only because I am typically not hungry during the day. My religious co-workers - of various faiths, some non-Christian - are amazed at my devotion. :sunglasses: I believe it comes from when I was young and poor; religosity, or lack there of, had nothing to do with it. If you don’t have the money, you don’t eat. In my early adulthood, I didn’t want to waste the money buying food, and bringing food to work was not convenient. Thus, I became very devout. Or is that without? :rofl:


I consider myself fit, good BMI number, so not really into fasting, not even for religious reasons.

I had a few days of skipping lunch when I was I my early 20s because there was just *too much month at the end of the money+. :man_shrugging:t4:
I value food so wasting it is not an option. Plus, I was trained well by my mom who would remind us occasionally not to leave put on our plates when there are starving children in other parts of the world.

Everyone dies eventually of something.
I chose bacon and motorcycles :motorcycle:


Neither do I, as I stated, it is due to my not actually being hungry. If one is not accustomed to eating, one does not even typically think about it - especially when I am working, I become totally focoused on what I am doing, so do not even notice the time, much less anything else.