Google + Telemedicine = disaster

Too bad the forum has no categories “Stay out of Prison”, or “Don’t become a Victim”, cause this story fits in both. It fits in the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum, actually.

Your medical information needs to stay private.
Information left with Google is never private. The scale of the damage Google caused to this family is incredible, not by malice, their motto is “Dont do evil”, but by sheer stupidity.


it is important to know exactly how the guy sent the photos to the doctor. Medical communications should only be sent using the HIPPA-compliant telemedicine systems operated by the doctor. If he sent them by email or text message that is where the problem came in.
If, however, he did use the doctor’s proprietary telemedicine system to send the pictures, or if the nurse failed to tell him to do so, he may have a heck of a huge HIPPA violation lawsuit against teh doctor.


By the way, Google has literally scrapped the “Don’t do evil” motto.


The forum has one aka Humor section


The picture was snapped with an iPhone. It is enough to trigger Apple’s AI (Artificial Idiot). I don’t know what the AI searches for, eg, it could be images of firearms, especially serial numbers. Child safety, right? Privacy either exists, or doesn’t exist at all.


All this is due to the fact that NO ONE in DC is standing up for 4A Rights. They really do not care.