Google ‘infiltrated by religious cult'

This article caught my eye. There is cross-pollination of talent between IT giants, employees migrate from Google to Yahoo, to Amazon, to GoFundMe, back to Google. If there is indeed a doomsday cult involved, you bet it is not limited to one company or one industry. This explains a lot.


Looking at the title, first thought was “well, look at Joe Biden.”


In my 20s and 30s I used to think I could do my small part to save the world. Then I came to realize that the world will be fine, it’s the human race that is screwed. Now I’m just looking to keep my family safe during these interesting times and hoping we’ll all be around to help put the pieces back together once this train finally wrecks.

I might be interested in hearing more about how these folks plan to rebuild the world. Except I hate pretty much everything about how cults and Google treat people so I can’t imagine any of their ideas will be any good.


Google is a religious cult.


I agree

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