Good Guy Takes Bad Guys Gun Away


Glad it turned out good for him…id really like to know why he was targeted! Most home invasions are for a reason and only a few are random.


One of Clint Smith’s pieces of gun wisdom is “What makes you think you’re gonna fight with your gun?” Found guns is one the reasons folks should be familiar with lots of firearm platforms.

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The man said he was able to get ahold of the alleged robber’s firearm, which he used to shoot the man.

So… did Brent Smith kill unarmed man? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
No, no… I’m just messing around.

It’s great to read the story with happy ending.

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Just like “no knock” warrants… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


unarmed ??? nope.
John Correia regularly points out that once a struggle over a gun starts, no matter who brought it to the fight, it is not his gun and it is not my gun, it is our gun.
I like the detail late in the article that he responded to the mass of miscreants firing at the house for outside by grabbing and firing his own gun. A ready available home defense gun is a very good idea.