Good first day hunt

I Managed a clean 2 shot double on the first birds that got up. The three of us had our limits by 1:00 and you can not start hunting until 10:00. I’m hinting North of Aberdeen SD. It’s wild birds but they held tight for the dogs and us. We did lose one bird, but still counted it in our limit.


The 1st batch of pheasant noddle soup from the legs and thighs of some of the roosters.


Looks great! But, noodles aren’t keto. :frowning:
I loved noodles and pizza the most, in the old days.

I’m in my 70’s, a bit overweight, and my doc says I need to change my habits a tad. I said, Doc I’m still doing what I love. I’m not getting out of this alive. I lived on my terms and plan to continue that for as long as the good lord allows it. He said, I totally understand I’ll give you advice and help till your time is over. I’ve got a damn good doctor. Not sure where I was going with this, but it has me smiling and that’s always a good thing.
You are correct it is not keto, but it sure is tasty!

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@William220 , dude! Is that you in the photo! No way do you look like your in your 70’s! Late 50’s early 60’s! You look great my man.

Gotcha on the doc. We love our Doctor as well. He pretty much saved my life, getting me on the keto, lost weight, A1C is now normal, so is the BP.

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Thank you! Yep, that’s me.

My SD friends sent this picture

It’s some pheasant and wild rice soup also made using legs and thighs. There was a time when those parts were discarded, but that has all changed.


That’s a full pan! There’s no room to even stir it. Definitely an indication that it’s guys cooking. :slight_smile:

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