Going fishing in January

Here in the great state of Illinois in January I will have to register my “assault” guns. I plan to get a charter boat and go fishing. Anyone want to come along? We can invite the governor and give him a new pair of cement shoes.


Register? Register what?
Did I miss something?


The boat? :rofl:


Are required? Assault Weapon? What is the Assault Weapon? I know Assault Rifle ver 15… :upside_down_face:

No, no, no… it must be some kind of mistake… :grin:

Data from Nov 21st, 2023:

Two weeks ago COMPLIANCE RATE was: 0.1%
One week ago COMPLIANCE RATE was: 0.12%

I’m guessing on Dec 31st we may achieve the result of 0.24%
:joy: :joy: :joy:


And after you and your fellow Illionisians (sp?) finish fishing, are you gonna re-elect the politicians who passed the laws that motivated the trip? History suggests that the answer is, unfortunately, “yes.”


Yes, the answer is YES :joy:

You know that voting system doesn’t allows us to have a Rep Senator… as long as Chicago is not separated, there is nothing we can do… :worried:


I glanced over the article, didn’t see the legal definition of Assaults’ Weapon. I suspect it’s defined as anything they want to charge a person with at the moment.


It is confusing even for the State Police it is something like 50 pages long on what is legal or illegal. A Ruger 10/22 with a 10 round magazine is illegal if it has a threaded barrel it gets worse after that. I wonder how can one thinks this is a law if it can not be enforced and many laws are not enforced which is leading to higher crime.


We do have the finest politicians that money can buy.


Yes… the Governor’s money used to support campaigns of those judges who uphold his latest ideas…

Politics is a bitch that some people really like…


This bill should have been named the “lawyers perpetual case load act”.


When gun owners are too lazy to get off the couch and run for office or recall the crooks elected to office, the only alternatives left are to (1) hire lawyers in hopes they can convince an unelected, unaccountable elderly judge to stay or reverse the law, (2) ignore the law and hope that you don’t get caught; (3) get rid of your non-complying firearms; (4) move to a gun-friendly jurisdiction; or (5) comply with the law and register your firearms so the state can more easily find you when it enacts a confiscation law.

All these :point_up: are true, but not because of gun owners laziness. At least in IL.
Unfortunately there are more lazy people counting on State’s money received for doing nothing than gun owners who really want to change the political flag.
As long one party promises “utopia” and other “reality” and “hard work” in some places we will struggle with system we have.
There are people like us, who understand meaning of real life, hard work and justice but there are still people who don’t want to do anything living in imaginary “great” place…
Welcome to Chicago…

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So, I understand your position to be that gun owners in Illinois are helpless victims, unable to unseat two-bit, lying politicians who are elected to office because they promise “utopia” (and of course don’t deliver).

Those liars can and do get elected, but I understand your view to be that no pro-gun people in all of Illinois possess the political mojo to get elected when facing down such ultra-powerful political adversaries. Given that state of political helplessness, maybe it’s time to turn in your guns, 'cause armed resistance would be way harder.

The trouble in Illinois, because of its population, Chicago decides what happens in this state. Wisconsin has the same problem because of Madison and Milwaukee.


To understand our (Illinoisan’s) problem, just look at this statistics from 2022 elections :point_down:

If we remove Cook County (which includes Chicago) from the votes, the numbers would be:

JB Pritzker: 1,172,966
Darren Bailey: 1,376,488

As long as Chicago’s slackers will vote, there is nothing we can do. Most of people who value freedom move out from Cook County. This is not a good place to live anymore.


Nevada is the same way, Washoe and Clark counties