GOA Embarrasses David Chipman on National TV | Throwback Thursday Interview


This is why I recently became a life member. Give em he!! Larry. :us:

It surprises me that no one talks about Waco or Ruby ridge where this clown was during the murder of women and children.


For Dir. of the ATF, I wouldn’t want someone who is radical on either side per se. Aside from Chipman, I wish there were other candidates to compare, not unlike a job interview candidate.

Appreciated that vid. Please don’t get me wrong. I support the GOA, mainly because they help protect our self-defense rights. For me not to support them would be like me not caring for my blood sisters and brothers.

However, after hearing that lead representative from GOA, I didn’t receive a good impression either. I wish GOA’s message was more about self-defense rights with firearms, and maybe it is. That brief video doesn’t tell all, and of course it was purposely made controversial for ratings and due to the style of the interviewer.

IMHO, as a GOA rep, I wouldn’t go on record saying we need firearms in case we need to overthrow the government. That extremism does not help our cause.

Hmmm extremism, really?

Do you believe the 2nd Amendment is extremism, I don’t believe the 2A is ‘about’ common criminals, it is about “political” criminals dressed as honest, upstanding Senators and Representatives.

Burdo, the 2A is exactly for taking the fight to a tyrannical government. Has nothing to with anything else. The people who wrote it spent years deliberating it, and they had just finished getting rid of a tyrannical government in our shores.

I wonder – what do you think 2A is for, Burdo? If you find 2A a bit cringe, then I suggest you read scholarly books on the subject. (not the kind of screed being written now saying 2A is raycisssst, etc.) 2A should make any wannabe tyrant cringe.

Is this too much for you? Do you think 2A is for duck hunting and sports shooting?


IMHO, as a GOA rep, I wouldn’t go on record saying we need firearms in case we need to overthrow the government. That extremism does not help our cause.

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I thought I looked bad - are you sure this wasn’t a skeleton, propped-up and wrapped in wax paper? Was Jeff Dunham just out of camera range?

Whoa, that was pretty deep.

In our fight for advocacy, I usually think about what we can do to win others over instead of turning them off. To me it’s not I that count, it’s those who were on the fence, or whose hearts and minds might be open to our cause, for the GOA rep to say that we are at risk to have to use our firearms to shoot at a tyrannical government comes off to “them” as extreme (“this” day and age) –– to those who are not in “our” tent.

I did relate with you on one point, where you wrote “The 2A is exactly for taking the fight to a tyrannical government and has nothing to do with anything else”. I guess like you, I view it in context (of that time).

Still though, personally, I find it hard to believe that we would ever have to overthrow our government, and shoot at them with rifles like we did circa 1776. I guess I believe that falls under conspiracy theorists, that it would ever happen to us again. Someone else in one of these posts pointed out that a government would have sophisticated weapons, whereas we’d have “only rifles”. I’d add, very little ammo. I’m not saying I’m right, it’s just my opinion.

In the interview on video, the interviewer pushed the GOA rep, and manipulated him to give a brief few seconds answer.

I think of the purpose of the GOA organization. If it’s to advocate for firearm rights, then to answer that interviewer, I might demand more time. IDK, I might as you pointed out – explain how in that era of the late 1700’s, how important it was to have The 2A, but I would have followed up with “And today, in our time, we need advocacy for self-defense which includes the right to defend ourselves with firearms when our lives are threatened and at stake”, and expanded laws which reflect the public .

I’m in support of firearms rights and freedoms, but in my personal opinion, like the old saying goes, “perception is reality”. In respect to the GOA organization, I’m also a member.

For what it’s worth, I worry less about that GOA rep, but more about that ATF director candidate, and wrote my U.S. Congressperson and Senator to share my opposition of his appointment.

That’s where I think the battle is, to win more hearts and minds, not with me please. The fight is out “there”.

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God (family),Guns (protection) and Glory (freedom) God Bless All Of You