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We are living in unprecedented times. Because of all the panic, fear and bizarre behavior (the great toilet paper wars will forever be a part of 2020 history), things are very unpredictable. Frankly, some tasks these days can be potentially dangerous. And that’s because, though you may not be aware, law enforcement everywhere is severely restricting patrol duties.

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I absolutly love my P320-M17. It is accurate for a service pistol and shoots very well. I have over 1300 rounds fired with no malfunctions. It came with the medium grip module. It was a little big for my hand. For around $40, I bought the small grip module from Sig. It took less than 5 minutes to switch them. I had my gunsmith install the Sig flat trigger. It enhanced the accuracy even more. Easy hits at 25 yards.
I found a Fobus paddle holster that is very good. I installed a Streamlight TLR-8 light&laser so I needed a new holster. I ordered a custom one from Black Point Tactical for around $90. I should get it in May sometime. I will update with a review when I get it.
I have never considered my M17 as a carry pistol. The Fobus OWB paddle would not be great for CC. After reading this, I may try it out for carry. It is nice to have 17 rounds, and I have the Sig 21 round mag as well.
Right now, I am very,very happy with my P365 and its 12 round mag. It is easy to conceal and great to shoot.

Sounds like way too much overkill (pun intended) to have to carry around concealed. Unless you are under attack by an armed gang, IMHO a smaller gun if enough. I have a 6+1 Smith and Wesson .380 Bodyguard and can easily do head shots at 30 feet.

I can’t say that I’ve never carried a .45 concealed, but there are just too many options that are more convenient and comfortable than tucking a full size service pistol in your britches. And I don’t anticipate being attacked by a bear, so less is more for me.

I have been carrying S.A. XDM .45 w/13+1 and 2 xtra 13 rnd mags. w/suspenders. Also been carrying a .32 auto in my pocket for quicker access. The longer this goes on the more desperate people will become, we live in an area with a heaver drug use county 8 miles away. Stay safe, Bruce and Nancy.

I don’t usually carry pepper spray but during this time of stress there could be people causing conflict that don’t require being shot. Pepper spray may defuse the situation before a gun is necessary. Hopefully, words will quiet tempers before either spray or guns are needed. We have enough road rage, let’s avoid shipping cart rage in the local shipping center!


Having multiple options for your defense is a great idea, @Vance2!

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Ex-Marine. Been carrying for 30+yrs. finally got a permit last year. One if not my only fear is an altercation with one of the MANY people who are arming themselves with absolutely NO training. I have been in many altercations and heated disagreements through the years BUT I have only had to draw my weapon 1 time in a situation to prevent a robbery. Lets all hope this blows over before it does get crazy out there… I hope most gun shop owners are expressing patience, understanding, self control along with the ramifications of pulling a weapon much less using it…


I didn’t think there was such a thing as an ex-Marine, @Bruce49?? :wink:

Thank you for your service! We’re so glad to have you here!

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There is not such a thing but didn’t want to mis-represent myself as active duty!! Lol

Semper Fi’


Bruce, you echo many of my concerns. Welcome to the community! And of course “Semper Fi” , from an old Devil Dog.

Once a Marine always a Marine. Semper Fidelis “Always faithful” is a code most marines carry for life.

Depends on what big and small mean, the climate (average temperature), and one’s body size and weight. I carry a S&W Bodyguard on a waistband. I am 6 feet tall and weigh a buck 90. An obese person would have to have to have an over the shoulder sling with the gun tucked under their armpit. A woman can get purses with concealed pockets.

I’ve been a concealed carrier since the 1980’s. The only pistols I’ve carried were full, service-sized firearms: 1911’s, P226’s for most of that time. For the past year, I’ve been carrying a P30L. I’ll admit that the lighter weight is a comfort element.

The sole reason I carry full-sized is because that is what I practice and compete with. I want to carry the pistol that I put 300+ or so rounds down range a week with and dry fire/holster draw with.

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A lot of factors go into carrying large handguns as I am sure you know. I carry a S&W Bodyguard .380 that during cool temperature months can be in a small holster covered with a light jacket or in a jacket pocket. In warm or hot weather I can carry it in my blue jean shorts back pocket covered with a tee shirt.
I practice doing head shots at 25 feet at the pistol range. The wat I look at it, anything that makes you feel comfortable with and can conceal is what you should go with.

First and foremost let me say Thank You for your services to all the military personnel. Whilst I have not served, I am the proud father of a US Navy Petty Officer. I recently bought the new Mossberg MC2c 9mm with 13 and 15 round mags. 3.9” barrel. 1.1” width, Adjustable sights. And only 21 oz.
This thing soots great. I’m no marksman but does help me have better control due to the fit in my hands.

I live in Florida, thus shorts and tees most of the year. Because of this, I chose a Micro 9 as my EDC. Love the gun and it conceals well. What I don’t like about the gun is that it is only a 6+1. While I usually carry an extra clip, I certainly would like a few more rounds at the ready. It was a trade off I decided to go with.

Y’all are missing the point. The only x-Marine is someone who got their ass kicked out of the corp dishonorably. The point is that all serious people proctors carry weapons big enough and lethal enough to do an adequate job of protecting the innocent and those otherwise incapable of protecting themselves , I’m a skinny little fart and daily carry an STI Ranger(yep, it’s an oldie but goodie and still makes pretty big holes(.45), a NAA Black Widow .22 mag, 3 very different razor sharp knives, and now may start carring pepper spray. I’m 71 years old an a former USPSA member and I may be a weak old fart but I can still do my job of protecting.

Merry Christmas and remember the reason for the season…Christ Jesus Amen

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