Glock Sear/ Cruciform Wear

Is it magnetic.
PS: if it not broke don’t - - - it.

See you worry too much IE: this is a screen shot.
I rest my case.

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Wrote Glock when I made this post and they got back to me (I wasn’t sure how long it’d take). Glock also said this looked normal.

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Right you are ; that hand gun will outlive you. Let er rip tater chip.
Bing bang boom. Light em up if you got em :bangbang:

Told you it was fine, remember ive got hundreds of thousands of rds through multiple models, dont worry about it. Go enjoy and yrain with it.

Got a couple new additions myself i need to get posted.


Oh I believed you. Just added the Glock part for anyone who may run into this post down the road.

Guns shooting great :+1:. It is much more comfortable to carry than my 19X :grin:.

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