Glock G29 Gen4 Subcompact 10mm Pistol

Glock G29 Gen4 Subcompact 10mm Is a misunderstood
Firearm. I am in my 60’s and have been looking
for a good Conceal/ Carry pistol that I could hide in a
85-100 day in Florida.

10mm is a .40 caliber, but still manageable firearm. The
ammunitions are available in low controllable training
ammo to your hunting ammunition for medium to large game.

Glock G29 10mm is in compact size and it is easily
operate with practice.



I plan to rent one at the range as soon as I can find one. But, what do you think about the "29 as compared to the Glock 20 in 10mm, with longer barrel and longer grip"? I’ve not tried either as yet.

I’ve a few different models, and of all of em, I find the Glock in 9mm, to be my most accurate one ‘for me’, and they tend to be within my budget.

Any thoughts, pro’s, con’s comparison? Been thinking about such higher caliber as a deep woods CCW/carry - such as when remote camping or larger game hunting prep.


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I’ve had the 20, handles recoil great, my XDM Elite handles it even better. I haven’t tried the smaller frames yet

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I graduated from the 22 and 23 Gen4’s to the 29. It
is easy after hand strengthening and easy to conceal and carry. Wish the best in your training.

Thank you

22and 23 are .40S.W.

It takes time.


Well done and thank you.

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