Glock Carbine Kits

Thanks to a comment Zee made I’ve been looking at getting a glock carbine kit. Does anyone have experience or recommendations?


@Michael7 Not yet, but about to… :grin:

This is the video that sold me… such elegant engineering… I dont think a faster easier conversion is possible.

I ordered the Glock version for .45ACP (Glock 21). Also available for 1911 and XD platforms. The incredibly nice and helpful woman who took my order says M&P is what they’re looking at next.

@Nathan @TexasEskimo … did it, finally :grin:


@Zee (1) Did you still purchase and range test your MCK? (2) Is this similar to the MCK where the bullet simply passes through the conversion kit barrel without contact? (3) Is it legal where ever the MCK is legal? Thanks…

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Purchased the MCK… going to get its first range time at home this weekend.

MechTech is actually an entire carbine upper, the slide and barrel are removed from the pistol frame, then a small feed block is dropped into the frame and the frame is slid into the upper and locks into place. It’s a full sized barrel with a stock, picitinni rails, forward folding grip, (pick your options when you order.)

It is a full carbine, not an SBR, and not a pistol brace… so rifle rules apply. It’s just using the same ammo and magazines as my Glock G21 .45ACP :grin: