Glock 19 Gen 5

I have found my light weight 20 kicks just as hard as my heavy weight 12 when using buck or slugs. If you want to cut recoil look into the short shells. Mossberg has a 590 S that handles them as well as longer shells. Otherwise you need an Opsol adapter. As a bonus the mag tube holds more rounds. Feds are better than Aguila.


I carry a Hellcat and sometimes a Glock AIWB. Key is Kydex not leather or other soft holster material that may bend and catch your trigger. Watch what you are doing. Do not holster blind.


** also if you get a steel or a metal guide rod the front would be a little heavier the recall will be much much lighter, you’re shooting would be much more accurate for your Glock.


Well said. I have several Glocks and in 4 different
Calibers and heavier guides rods are better to help your
Recoil. Thank you.

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