Gilligan's Island

All that’s needed is for The Beach Boys to start singing Surfing Safari on the shores of Malibu. Pop-open that can of Bud-Lite. Gonna be a party.


Brother Jake,

This is from the category of ‘Wishful thinkin’…but

If it TOUCHES the money people…maybe just maybe
Change may come…But , They are usually Woke-Dem’s
so it might never happen…until a few doors are kicked in, people raped, Property stolen
yadda, yadda, yadda
But reality is there will be no sleepin’ on ‘company grounds’ THAT will NOT be tolerated.

adonde nosotros vamos uno nosotros ir todo!!!
Nessun passo sul serpente


Doesn’t really matter to them. As soon as they hit the beach they start demanding. Demanding food, demanding housing, demanding jobs, demanding subsidies, demanding civil rights. And who better to listen to them than the Malibu Crowd of wealthy folks?


Should bring home prices down!


I Just read on main Stream mafia
Puddin’ pushes to ‘Allow’ Illegals into national
Parks–Using Federal Funds (Of course)
In case you didn’t decipher Politico dat be tax paya
Money, money, money, money!..MONE-Nay!
We’ll just support every POS that waltzes across the Border,
Oh yeah right, except American’s! as usual!
Our homeless, addicted and Veteran’s can Starve, Freeze and
DIE of horrible DEATH’S on the streets!!! Oh and they can fight for
their lives w/ those very ‘Migrants’ when they become…IRRATED w/ the lack of
'GIMME’S from The Pudding and his Puppet-master’s!
You I’m sorry to say can’t make this $hit up!
This .gov is arranging deck chairs on the Titanic—robbing Peter to pay…themselves.

adonde nosotros vamos uno nosotros ir todo!!! (is that correct!) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Nessun passo sul serpente

Glad Blacky is helping me learn Spanglish…I’m gonna need it!


Take a look at Germany. It’s not working out so good.


Coming to America will have a new meaning, and not an Eddie Murphy Part II:

Nahleh Saimeh cited the sex offenders’ crime as a “means of releasing frustration and anger” related to their “migration experiences and socio-cultural homelessness.”

our of the offenders possess German citizenship, according to the Hamburger Morgenpost. The others have nationality in Libya, Kuwait, Iran, Egypt and Poland.

Reporter Jan A. Karon took to X and had a “serious question” about everything. “Serious question: Does anyone else understand this justice system?”

Individuals with a migrant background are much more likely to be convicted of sexual crimes in the nations of the European Union.

More than half of all criminal cases involving sexual assault in Italy involve foreigners, according to the Slovenian news outlet Demokracija.

Germany was subject to a mass wave of sexual assaults and harassment on New Year’s Eve 2015 — spurred by its mass admission of asylum seekers from mostly Islamic countries, according to Deutsche Welle.


Dept. of VA Under Fire for Treating Illegal Aliens While Ignoring Care for Veterans


Ya know my adopted Italian Momma
had this Huge ‘Pressure Cooker’
I wish I could imatate the sound of the Heavy
duty Pot, Lid and spinny thingy on top that released
steam as the pressure, Heat and such built cooking the
Stews and assorted meats she cooked…a spinning
Pisht, Pisht, Pisht !
One time It was scary awesome in it’s VIOLENCE.
she didn’t attach the spinner tight and it blew off
imbedding itself in the kitchen ceiling… THAT is what is happening
today in this Country!
We see all these Criminals in power doing all they can to blow this country
to pieces! All they can to turn Brother against Brother!
Hurting INNOCENTS, Destroying lives, PISSING on our Vet’s!
and the ‘Thingy’ on top of the pot continues to spin!
Biding it’s time until the Pot can take no more!


adonde nosotros vamos uno nosotros ir todo!!!
Nessun passo sul serpente


Cool more militant age “got aways” seeking their cell awaiting the “Go” signal


What I find interesting is how out in the open this stuff is. The Biden Administration passes law after law to stop Texas from stopping crossings. The VA, ICE Homeland Security and the rest of them openly provide services to them that WE, the lowly American Citizen, can’t access. AND While it’s all going on, if you say anything your called Bigot, Racist, Uncaring… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, "WHAT ABOUT U.S., You know the hard working folks that are actually PAYING, by force of law, for this stuff?:


@Mike164 Another large number of more immigrants have arrived at the Texas Border.


And they already have a private aircraft hangar to live in.


Demanding, Demanding housing, food, money, legal representation, transportation, a job. Demanding WE, YOU and ME, Give them all the Free Stuff they Demand.