Giant .460 S&W Magnum Revolver - Destroys Everything


A great range gun to have fun with. Not practical for home defense. You can’t carry appendix but definitely a shoulder holster, if someone can even design one. I definitely like that bi-pod action on the barrel. Would love to shoot it.

I want 2. One with the long barrel for deer season. I also want one with a 5 inch barrel. That could be carried, with a proper holster, and could be used for 2 or 4 legged predator defense.

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Excellent weapon! I carried a 2.5" bbL one in Alaska.

I would like to mention to new gun owners and shooters, this video (in my opinion) is a good example of where not to shoot. There is no visible back stop. They are actually shooting across an open body of water (illegal in most states), and there really is no way to tell what could be down range (people, animals, etc.) New shooters please don’t do this. Have a safe/ solid backstop. Never shoot across bodies of water ( big chance of ricochet). Always be able to guarantee that down range is safe and there is nothing down range you do not want to be possible shot!
Just my two cents.