Getting permission to carry?

No sir.

I see your POV @Shamrock. All family and friends I visit are likeminded as myself and support 2A. It’s extremely unlikely I’m inside a private residence my legal weapon can’t accompany me. I’ll wait in the truck.


I don’t like it as far as self - defense but liability in Louisiana could mean property owner now has responsibility say you do a backflip like that FBI agent did sticking a bystander. Which now at after 8 years I’m going to look back at that case.

Curious if he still has job!

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Law demands third party informing owner because . In all reality and I didn’t see it like this until now. The landlord will hold all liability If the 8.00% that indivdaual would need to.

Although, IF they were a member, your 2nd family got your back.

Say, God foribid that happen but we are protecteors. Appreanlty you seen or close family member has the intelligence known they would need a partner.

Solomon says in Eclessaties

Woe, unto him who is alone in time of trouble.

if need be it appen.

USCCA would be there on the phone with you!

God forbid that occurance ever happen to you. If you have faced death before, I’m super glad you’re still here today with me.


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Actions have not been around another year unless I was only ours.

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I believe the some of the reasoning behind this would be in case of a traffic stop. “IF” the person driving would happen to be a past felon, and unable to have/carry a firearm, they would be in violation by allowing you to carry one while in their presence/control, thus causing them to commit another felony. This gets much deeper when dealing with parole or probation issues but I believe this could be part of the cause for this law. I wonder if any of our members who are in the legal profession would be able to chime in on this and shed some light?
Stay safe fellow members!