Get out of there!

New video from Active Self Protection.

Here to remind you to when you see stuff going down get out of the way.


From what I could see that was a bad shoot. Initially, the officer had the man’s arm, and even had his hand at one point. He let go and pulled back. He then shot him with the taser, and then shot him when that failed. He could easily have had disarmed him at the point he was holding his arm or hand, and had him on the ground. The second officer dropped him with the second taser shot. There was no need for the first officer to keep approaching the guy, then shoot him. He could have easily maintained distance and reloaded the taser. Lastly, even without the change in the law, the officer should still have been charged.

The person in question was still inside the store and the items were in plain view, how was he shoplifting?

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Likely do to the fact that the store security stopped him as he was leaving after having not paid for the item(s). Many snatch and grabs are done without hiding the stolen property, so being able to see what is being stolen is not a factor. Difficult to stop a shoplifter if you do not know they have stolen anything, so based on that, it is observed. It is not necessary to leave the store for a shoplifting charge, just the attempt to leave without paying is needed.

I don’t believe a person can be charged, without the attempt to leave without paying, such as if you put something in your pocket, or eat a food item, but then declare it at the register. If you leave without paying for that item, or attempt to, that is shoplifting.

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