Georgia Arms has ammunition

For those in the Villa Rica area or thereabouts Georgia Arms has inventory. I get over there weekly, like a junkie looking to score.
I know they are having shipping delays, but if you are in driving distance…At their retail they have 9mm 115 grain FMJs limited to one bag of 100. Plenty of other calibers available. Their 9mm, .38 Special, .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum and .44 Specials are very reliable. I’ve used them for over 25 years with no issues. They’re a great company. :+1:

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Darn! No 9mm

They have 9mm in their retail.

I just went and the site said there is nothing.

BTW: what are the 9x18, 9mm Mak

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As of this morning they were only selling 9mm in their shop.

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Good question. 9X18 is usually a Makarov, though some were .380 I think… So not sure what the difference is between a 9mm Makarov and a 9X18 Ultra Auto… time to google.

Edit; 9X18 Ultra was introduced with hopes of being adopted by European law enforcement , and some say to replace the .380 (which is a 9X17).

The 9mm Makarov is apparently the 9X18 we know of… but supposedly developed after the 9X18 Ultra.

Interesting… never heard of the Ultra.


I live only 20 miles from there will have to check them out again.

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