Gear Review: Sandrin Torino Tungsten — An Everyday Folder | USCCA

Back in March 2020, I reviewed the Sandrin TCK 2.0 Slipjoint Tungsten Carbide knife. Marketed by Cabot Guns, the Sandrin TCK 2.0’s claim to fame is its StaySharp blade. I was very impressed with it as a 21st Century “gentlemen’s pocket knife,” however, it requires traditional two-hand opening. I realize that one-hand opening knives are most in-demand these days. So, for a one-hand opening blade in a tactical folder configuration, Sandrin has introduced the new Torino Tungsten Carbide EDC Folder.

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Looks like a good EMT knife red, clip, drop point blade and stay sharp

I didn’t see a price tag on it. I’m very interesting, just want to know how much it costs.

$200. This is the manufacturer’s site. I think it is ugly, both the blade with all the markings on it, and the handle is ghastly, and I am not talking the color, which I also do not like. The pocket clip looks like it is from a cheap pen. I have a ZT with a ~ 4 1/4" blade and a Titanium handle (0452TI). It is made in the USA using USA steel. It was also $200, but looks nice, cuts well, stays sharp, though not like a Tungsten blade, but I hone mine, and rarely have to sharpen it.

$200 bucks for a little pocket knife. Ummmm :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: that.

I was a Senior Designer at GE Aviation jet hot section parts are made from Titanium and this knife is made of the tool material used to cut or machine Titanium parts. It stays sharp. Interesting.

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