I do not except your reality and I replace it with my reality. The glass is either half full or half empty being optimist or pessimist but, I always argue as a realist. If you are filling your glass or your fuel tank it will be half full. If you are driving cross country or drinking your drink it will be at that point half empty. This relates to gaslighting because your perception of reality is just that, your perception and reality can always be debated. Now if you talk about dust cropping then you have a good comparison to gaslighting. You are just trying to spread a bad environment and placing the blame elsewhere!

Most people don’t have college degrees. Further most people don’t have sconce or engineering degrees. And most of those don’t necessarily work in a field that would give them meaningful experience to understand much of it. I’d like to see the credentials of those so called experts. It reminds me of people asking me about international events as if by being a soldier makes me an expert. I laugh at some of the media’s experts.

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Sixty years ago my grandfather, who only had a grade school education, drilled into me “ Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see, and you’ll be alright.” It has proven to be a wiser saying than I first thought.
As pointed out above, most of what you hear isn’t factual. As to what you see, look at body camera footage that starts mid-conflict. You don’t see what led up to it. Then there are the politically motivated who tell us “Perception IS reality!” Pure BS. It is manipulation of the ignorant or weak minded.


Which has been the bane of human societies since the first time humans decided to live in groups. In any group of people there always exists that segment which is ignorant or weak-minded, and I see no reason they can’t be both.

Too many people lead “bumper sticker” lives to the detriment of us all.

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I will say this, and I’m not trying to start a fight with anyone or the moderator!

It is funny to me that most are visiting this site to gain insight into protecting ourselves with weapons and to avoid having issues with authorities because of our having weapons, or we are considering purchasing a weapon, all of which the moderators and or owners of this site think we are qualified to do, but conversely they find us incapable of discussing politics or world views without censuring us or locking our ability to communicate if we don’t adhere to their view of what should and should not be said, interesting?

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As I understand it, the moderators don’t have an issue with the discussion of politics as long as the discussion remains civil and respectful, and does not devolve into name calling, insults, or threats. That and the desire that political speech remain in topics which were intended to be political and not become the tangent onto which every topic eventually veers.

This is a public forum which attracts people from a wide variety of backgrounds, of many world views and political leanings. In situations like this it is common to enact some guidelines/rules defining the acceptable manner of expression when talk turns to contentious ideas. It helps to keep the peace in the community as well as enhancing the possibility the the discussions might end up being productive rather than devolving into shouting matches.

Just my take on it.

Are we cousins?