Gas Prices post midterms

I’m not sure about the Country, but here locally. Gas has gone up 30 cents per gallon in the 4 days since the mid term elections.

Coincidence, I highly doubt it.

Good luck cause Bidens post election speeches, he has been pretty emphatic that there will be no more new drilling.

Plus he has little to none extra to pull from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Without compromising our national security.

This is going to hurt.



Just like the student debt he was supposed to “forgive” to get their vote. Got the vote, still got the debt. :rofl:


I said it so many times that student debt and artificially lowered gas prices was a mid term election gambit.

Those who fell for it, deserve what’s coming. Those of us who didn’t, well. Embrace the suck!!


yeah 3.45 regular 5.00 diesel 4.25 kerosene and us judge just put halt on student forgiveness now to 2024 is going to be a roller coaster ride


not counting all the oil he is selling to China


OPEC is reducing output which send prices higher. So far everything is going the way the left has it planned.

Train strike pending. Assault on the coal industry. Food stocks being reduced.

And people still willing to vote blue no matter who!


I’m not going to say this is fact cause I wasn’t there but I heard the White house made a deal with Walmart to sell to China to pay off some debt makes since all the new electronics I have never heard of before there

and I don’t know if they have moved any yet but 2 weeks ago there was still tons of supplies on ships parked in the middle of the ocean that hasn’t been cleared to port yet

my friend said it best its a man-made recession that he can look like he is pulling us out of in 2023 to try to get another 4 years in 2024

Paid $4.07 today in Salt Lake, that’s up from $3.75ish last weekend.

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It’s not so much the price of fuel, it’s the fact that we failed and we failed without honor!


How exactly did we fail w/o honor. Picked up the House, have a very good chance still of picking up the Senate, completely turned Florida into a super majority, turned Virgininia, and picked up numerous governorships, and won the nationwide General vote by 6,000,000. Most importantly, we picked up subpoena power. So the endless January 6th will now stop, and actual investigations can now happen. Investigations into the weaponization of the DOJ, FBI, and Hunter Biden and with the power of the purse, cut out the funding for 86,000 additional IRS members.

Did we get super majorities? No. But a win by 1is as good as a win by 20. Who do you think will have control of the committee’s now. Who will be the Chair on those committees and control the agenda and what bills make it out of committee?

That’s not a loss by any definition.


I believe we snuck into the house, and the cheat is still taking place! We are a laughing stock! There’s power in numbers, it’s like showing up on the beaches of Normandy with one bullet!
Freezing to death is not a win! Hunting for baby formula is not a win, people on the streets is not a win, murderers going free is definitely not a win. Placing a victim in the senate is a joke not a win! People who swore to support and defend the Constitution, ultimately burning it, is not a win!

If the past speaks, the Republicans will be sitting on their hands afraid to death of being canceled! To me that’s not a win. Heads on spikes is a win!
A win is immediately, upon, taking the “one” and shutting down the borders by force, a win with the “one” is opening the pipeline, a true win, is impeachment of all three in succession! A win is a nationwide abortion ban, a win is returning every statue put back in place, a win is all in prisoners from January 6 free, a win is all those that killed cops and civilians and set fire to cities, burn or hang! A win is conviction of the guy who lied on a 4473! A win is putting China in it’s place. But winning by “one” will never accomplish anything!
Have I lost faith in our system, absolutely! Until they figure out that they work for us, it’s a failure!
Subpoena power, unless they start flying around like confetti, it’s not a win. It’s more like, let’s hang out for the next two years and see who nukes who first, or which state can freeze the most people to death!


I agree with you brother I served my country for years now my government is trying to make me homeless until the men and women who served are in front of line for houses, medical, food not counting all the other homeless people we need to help but until there is not 1 vet homeless this country is failing you can forgive millions for immigrants, you send China and Ukraine millions of dollars you send the damn Taliban millions but have homeless vets that is straight up bull i feel my government has turned its back on me you know I sent my senator a letter the response was that’s not a priority but when I got all these scars protecting you that was a damn priority wasn’t it better get off here before i lose my religion


The mid terms would not have accomplished any of that even If we had won every seat that was open. It will take the presidency to pardon January 6. Some of what you want to declare it a win is just wishful thinking.

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I can understand your bitterness. The fact that we don’t take care of our veterans is a long standing beef of mine. It’s one of my top 3 voting issues. The care and welfare of our military and veterans alike, the Constitution, and the 2nd amendment.

But that is something that can be changed.

If you have a letter from your elected representative, stating that veterans are not a priority. I would turn that over to someone.

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Dems maintain control of senate!
I don’t know if I can handle all this winning stuff!
All but the impeachment is not wishful thinking. The Jan 6 people, um, “due process”, guy that committed felony on 4473, sovereign nation requires borders to be controlled, not with paintball guns, ok, heads on spikes might need a 2/3 majority, putting criminals away is just good old law and order!
I’m spouting and frustrated that my senior years may be spent with leadership with only half a brain! Soaring prices, I can’t win anymore if I have to decide between my heart medication and eggs at $16.00 a dozen and $12.00 gas prices!
The pendulum is broken! This was our last chance to swing it it the right direction!
The stupendous accomplishments by this administration in less than 2 years decimated a country, what can 2 more do? I shudder to think!


You do know that’s just posturing? CNN called the race 3 times. There remain over 500,000 votes still to be counted in Arizona. Plus Nevada has not finished it’s count either.


Yup, they are still filling out ballots here.


Latest vote dump from Arizona broke 75% Republican. With half a million to go. It’s not over until every vote is cast.

Senate Race in Nevada Democrat has almost 6,000 votes lead with 80,000 + votes to be counted.

If you remember, election night, dozens of these races had been called. Then had to uncall them and put them into toss up. Both Senate races are still to close to call.