Fun Garmin Watch Challenge

OK, who here has one of those Garmin GPS Exercise Watches?

I just upgraded from a 3 to a venue and have a small group of Connections that I challenge with.

I think it would be fun in this time of being at home to start some “Steps” challenges with a bunch of my friends here. :slight_smile:

If you haven’t had a steps watch like a Garmin or FitBit, they really are very beneficial to keeping you moving, and fun.

Here is a link, it is the most expensive, they have models less than this one that will work. I got this one as I can read it without reading glasses.

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I have an Apple Watch which tracks my steps, calories burned, movement and, for fun at the range, noise. I hit 108 dB last time at the range.

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DB’s wow. Didn’t know any did that. I think my phone does that.

My set daily goal is 11k steps. Today with rain ALL day, which is rare for this area, I’m at 3900. :frowning:

I really wish some folks with the garmin watch would want to join a challenge. It’s something else to do during this down time that would be fun.

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I have one. How do we do this?

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You find each other through the connections setting.
I’ll PM you my email address.

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I have an ankle monitor from my parole officer… Well, that’s what I tell people my fitbit is! I wear it on my ankle so I get max steps.

I did 23K steps yesterday. average at least 16K. lately it’s been 20K a day.


Hey Mike, I’m trying to add you and it doesn’t find you with the email address. I’ve got to be doing something wrong.

My daily goal is 13k. I usually hit it. The last couple of days it has rained the entire day. So needless to say I’ve taken a step hit. Today is better, went on a nice power walk and road the mountain bike for 30 minutes.

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Well this kinda poo poo’d out. @Mikentexas and I tried to connect and get this going and for the life of us we could not find each others devices even after searching all the ways Garmin said, phone or email address. So if anyone one has any ideas on how to get them to connect, I’m all ears.

I have “Connections” with about 8 people now, family and friends, but I made these connections 2 devices ago and don’t remember how I did it. It can’t be that hard, maybe I have some sort of privacy setting set wrong?

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