Full Size Home Defense Pistol + Meprolight

I finally got to shoot a used IWI Jericho 941 Baby Eagle II I bought a while ago (9mm prices are finally starting to come down - slightly). Holy cow does this gun shoot well! Full size all steel CZ based with slide inside the frame rails. The most accurate initial shoot I’ve had with a new-to-me gun ever.

I’m not going to carry this beast so it’s designated as a home defense pistol. New grips are on order (stock were a little slick) and a Baldr light/laser will be on it’s way soon.

I had to address my 52 year old eye situation with my winter and summer carry options over the past three months. Red dot for summer and Trijicon HD’s for winter. I’m very impressed with the HD’s so in looking for a night sight solution for the IWI I started there. I’ve seen conflicting info on whether Trijicon makes a model for the vintage of 941 that I have (slide-mounted de-cocker/safety).

Further searching led me to Meprolight. I believe they are Israeli manufactured and have out of the box solutions for my pistol. But have also read some conflicting reviews on them versus the Trijicon. Anyone have any insight on the Meprolight Tru-Dot line?