From one proud American and supporter of the USCCA

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There were two (2) reasons why I became a USCCA member. First was because of the way our society was heading (downhill) with drug dealings kept getting closer and closer to our home and the crime rate kept going up I felt I needed protection for my family and myself and at our Church. The second reason was for the Outstanding and very useful information provided in the USCCA magazine. There are many more reasons such as the training, insurance, lawyers, and experiences provided by other members that have kept me up to date with what’s going on around the United States of America. I am a 77 year old, blind in my right eye, United States Navy Retired Chief of 21 years and feel I cannot effectively and safely be a concealed carry adult, however I am still armed at home and will defend and support the Constitution, our right to be armed Americans, my family and property until our Gracious LORD calls me home to Him. Thank you for your support and all ya’ll do for us members.


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