From Fox News - Woman who witnessed husband's murder in gun-free zone faults media coverage of shootings

Woman who witnessed husband’s murder in gun-free zone faults media coverage of shootings


It has been my long held belief that the First Amendment is the underlying cause of many of the problems we see in the US and world today including the violence that has become so prevalent, including violence that is perpetrated with firearms.
As soon as something happens, it is broadcast to almost every person in the world within minutes. Opinion, instead of facts, are broadcast glorifying the goriest of details. And in the end, the perpetrator becomes the highlight of the event, opening the door for the next person to outperform that last so that they too will live, and die, more infamous than the last.
How about we put a waiting period on news outlets and require that they actually verify the truth before they spew the propaganda that we see every day.


If It Bleeds It Leads, has long been the motto of the press. Ethical and professional standards obviously fell below any acceptable levels.
What can we do? Read between the lines, and be cynical. Also, do not buy lying rags and do not view their websites to deny advertising revenue.


In an age of 24 hour news the media has to find something to fill the day, the more “spectacular” the better. It ceased being actual “news” years ago and is now simply sensationalism for the masses- you will never hear one of the 24 hr news services say “everything’s pretty quiet today, so we’re going to show “I love Lucy” reruns😏

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Mike you took words out of my mouth. The Advent of the 24 hour news cycle, proliferation of the internet. Have done more harm to this country than can ever be accounted for.

I personally wish that the news media never said anything about the perpetrators and they just became unsub001