Friday Fun: Stranded on a Deserted Island

Ben stole my thunder.
A powered up sat phone.

Not withstanding that, I’d say a Bible. No Sat Phone needed to call him for help.


A quick answer would be, a full tang thick blade knife for batoning, for use in cutting small trees, for help in stripping bark and other fibrous material to make line to make shelter, to help with building a fire, to help with finding a way to get drinking water, to dig, to cut large leaves (if in a more tropical area… ) to help with coconuts (again, if in a more tropical clime)…

A good knife is important for many survival chores and skills.

Of course, some matches in a waterproof container, and 550 cord would make it much easier…

This is a good idea… but you might still need to wait for pick up.


WOW! No one said what I was expecting everyone to say - a multitool. I like the duct-tape idea.

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Fully fueled VTOL. If not, then a smoker and (easy) access to protein.


A multitool is good idea, but a good full tang knife that is thick enough to use for batoning and chopping, yet sharp enough for detail work like skinning, and cleaning fish is perhaps more versatile than a multitool.

I have not reviewed the entire discussion, but … not one mention of a multitool?


I’ve changed my mind. I would like a set of coconut head golf clubs like Thurston Howell had.


I’m still down with the GPS satellite phone lol

According to the latest survival thinking it has to be TP.



The above. I can make pretty much everything else. If I learned anything from Gilligan’s Island, it is that you can make anything with enough coconuts, and sometimes folks sneak onto the Island. Much like a gun, no one wants to get shot with one no matter how small the Calibre.

Well no one wants to get cut with a knife especially one that can take a limb along with it. MURICA :us_outlying_islands::innocent::innocent::innocent:


@Zavier_D I see you own one just like my EDC knife. :rofl:


“Wilson” daughter said bad dad joke…
Can’t type this morning…I can’t find the pix I wanted to post of wilson.

The fellow in the picture above is a little older than I… I wonder what he is thinking…

I called my cousin this morning, he is in late 70`s, he said a good looking blonde.

Is the ‘good looking blonde’ so you have someone to bring you a cold beer?

Been seriously thinking here…I’d bring my mrs…she is younger than me, smarter…she should have went to grad school instead of me…she can Macguyver anything!!! She always says it’s an adventure…

William, I’ll call the cuz and ask him more, he is a funny dude. There is only 3 cousins living, I am the youngest.

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The cuz has spoken… a blonde, a Cold beer, and a good woody. He is late 70… lol



I’m in the same age class as your cuz so I have some understanding.


I’ve never seen that movie and the biggest tool I know is my ex brother in law, so it’s just me and the island.


Amazing how that works. :innocent::us_outlying_islands::innocent:

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Is that a Ghurka knife? How did you get it?