Friday Favorite: Exercise for Self-Defense?

Tae Kwon Do was a great workout and helped me with a lot of aspects of self-defense. I also learned to use a variety of weapons including short stick, long bo, sword, and nunchucks that can help me defend myself if I don’t have my firearm or if I don’t have time to present my firearm from the holster.

Granted, I don’t carry those weapons with me as I don’t think certain stores would appreciate me walking around with a sword or nunchucks. But there are weapons of opportunity that could be substituted for the long bo and short stick.

I still do some of the training with those types of weapons for exercise and self-defense training.

Does how you exercise help you prepare for your self-defense? Share your physical fitness tips below.

Basically I do exercises that help with endurance and cardiovascular health.

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Besides the other resistance exercises and swimming that I use to keep my body slim, strong, and well toned… I work out with hand gripper tension bars ("IronMind Captains of Crush) and a squishy ball (“IronMind Blue Egg”). Both available on Amazon. I keep them in my car. I have a 20 minute drive in and 20 minute drive home. So I use these for 40 minutes a day 5 times a week. My grip strength has never been better. It has helped immensely with my shooting accuracy and endurance.

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Grip is so important! Glad you’ve found a way to work it into your driving schedule, @TexasEskimo!