Friday Favorite: Drill that includes reloading?

What is your favorite drill that includes reloading?

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just something that works for you. Is it mid-magazine? Timed? End of Magazine?

Here’s a fun one:

I load magazines with different amounts then mix them up, usually 4 to 7 rounds so the weight isn’t too noticeable. Then I go thru a course of fire not know how many rounds I have. Keeps me honest. I also practice from different positions of kneeling, prone, sitting

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Similar to @Sheepdog556 I put a different amount of ammo into each mag. I will also randomly load an empty casing to cause a misfire/jam. I also try exercises with where the spare mags are. Are they in a jean pocket? Jacket pocket? IWB mag holster? Etc.