Friday Favorite: Christmas Present or Story

With the holidays just around the corner, we can be a bit nostalgic about past Christmases. Funny stories of Christmases past come up again and again. Reminiscing about heartfelt gifts or the weirdest gift ever received can bring a tear to the eye or a good chuckle.

What is your favorite Christmas experience you like to share?

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My brother went to the Air Force Academy. So the first year he’s there, he arranges to come home for Christmas on Christmas Eve - or so he tells my parents. But he gets in contact with me and lets me know he’s going to be home the 23rd and can I “smuggle” him into the house so Mom and Dad don’t know. He wants to surprise them on Christmas Eve morning.

I get him into the house after Mom and Dad go to bed. Christmas Eve morning Mom goes into my brother’s room to make the bed with fresh sheets - screaming ensued… I laughed… (I was a teenager).


My favorite Christmas gift ever was one I gave, not received. It was between 15 and 20 years ago and I got Becky a bunch of different things that were under the tree but nothing notable. For her stocking, I picked up a bunch of junk out of gumball machines. There was a spider ring, paste on tattoos, candy and a bunch of other junk. In one of the plastic containers, I dumped out the toy and put an a diamond tennis bracelet.
She opened her gifts and when she got to her stocking, she was pulling stuff out and thought I had gone nuts with the junk. She opened the one with the tennis bracelet and thought it was junk and tossed it to the side and opened the next one. She finished and looked really perplexed with no idea what she had just thrown to the side. As she was starting to pick stuff up, I handed her the real box for the bracelet and told her she might want to check that one out again.
A couple months ago, we were at a marriage workshop at church. 4 couples were brought up to play the newly wed game. The couples were selected with various lengths of marriage from less than a year, 5-10, 10-20 and over 20. Becky and I were there with 30 years. Questions were asked to each couple to see how well we knew each other. One would answer and the other had to guess their answer. One of the questions was the best gift you ever received. Becky started telling about the bracelet in the plastic gumball container. We won!


So I had this cousin who lived in with my parents and I while going to the U of M law school in the cities. His name is Matt.

My sister was over with her kids and husband. Her oldest Cassie being 9 years old at the time.

Gifts have been opened and every one is sitting around munching on snacks checking out what they got for Christmas.

My Niece (Cassie) is sitting at the dining room table using the cardboard and other packaging to make a doll house for the new Bratz dolls she just got. Her art teacher had assigned her students over Christmas break to use the packaging from the gifts they got to make something to use with the gifts.

He goes up to her in order to heckle her and the following conversation ensued.

Matt: Whatcha doing.
Cassie: Making a doll house for my dolls.
Matt: Oh, aren’t you forgetting something?
Cassie: No…
Matt:Yeah, you’re forgetting something.
Cassie: No I’m not!
Matt: Yes! You are!
Cassie: What!
Matt: A roof! You’re forgot to make a roof.
Cassie: It doesn’t need a roof…
Matt: Yes it does.
Cassie: No! It doesn’t.
Matt: Well what if it rains?
Cassie: It’s a pretend house…
Matt: Well what if it pretend rains?
Cassie: Well, then I’ll pretend there’s a roof…

Every soul in the house was withing earshot of this exchange and the entire house just erupted in laughter.

As Matt as he’s walking away he goes " Wow, I just got my a** handed to me by a nine year old…"


Little Sully got a doggie. A puppy for Christmas! Age age 7 I was overwhelmed with joy. It was (what is now called) a rescue dog.

The dog’s name was Kringle.

Kringle quickly became a favorite of my friends but had to board the dog for 2 weeks over the New Years for a family vacation. I was thinking of my little puppy the whole time we were away.

We got back after the 2 weeks and we’ll, we didn’t have a little dog anymore. Kringle has grown to 40 lbs.

In the following months we watched as a pooch grew and grew to 60, 80, 120, and finally 140 lbs.

Apparently Kringle was not the poodle my Dad was convinced at purchase but half Afghan and half wolf hound!