This is for @MikeBKY for the horrible story of one of the three encounters with the Special Response Team(S.R.T.).

Although this has little to do with fire-arms it is about how I changed my life from the chemical dependency that could have lead to never being able to own a firearm.

As a young man, I lacked much male influence due to losing my father, but my grandfathers did what they could and thank them. So, I found myself associated with the wrong crowd by age ten (10). However, they’re not to blame for my own decisions, but only opened the door to my choices. Moreover, I was smoking cigarettes by the age of eleven (11) which quickly lead to marijuana and prescription drugs by age thirteen (13). These immature choices quickly came to the attention of the Shreveport-Caddo Narcotics task force better know at the time as the S.R.T,(This unit has now just associated as the Emergency Response United due to their police brutality among other legal issues brought up against them).

In the cool autumn night of the 24th day of September of the year 2008, my house phone began to ring…It was my “first friend” ever and knew him since the age of ten (10). Therefore it should be known that we were the ones smoking cigarettes and spray painting a nazi swastika and “S” for southside on my nice suburban wood fence that cost me my behind(This was done at age Eleven (11) and was not under influence) at this time, as described above).

After receiving the phone call and met him and two other “friends” halfway in the dim-lit neighborhood. We rolled the joint in my room and even made the suggestion that maybe we should stay inside because the jumpout boys said they would come back. All three disagreed and claimed my grandmother would smell it and whip all our butts and it was too cool of a night(My grandmother was like a neighborhood grandma known as “mamaw” to all. She practiced in the field of nursing for forty-six (46) years and at this was fifteen years ago so she was still in the medical field, but would whoop all the children butts and by parents was given permission).

When I had _________ Mp3 player in exchange for allowing him to roll. Therefore in my backyard on the third porch(Big house and largest in neighborhood lost due to too the 2008 administration causing massive foreclosures because APR% was way too high) in my ear listening to “S.P.M. Smoke two joints” with it turned all the way up(I had to research the name for remembrance to also find out this author is serving 45 years for sex crimes with 9 year old in 2017 and makes me sick I listened to that) Now, as __________ lit the joint, I looked out with the music blaring and seeing my “friends” mouths moving back and forth. The trees swayed a little because of the wind and looking into the mass darkness for the yard being so dark with one Swepco light directly in the center. I thought, “Something does not feel right
I glanced over at my shed while exhaling puff marijuana to see flashlight glares bounce off the tin shed thus making us all stand up to see what it was.

___________ said it was probably John Doe and the rest of the group coming back from buying some more weed.

_____________, Yelled, “NO THATS THE POLICE

As I stood up from the wooden swing and tossed the lit joint in the bushes…I heard “POLICE FREEZE” I stood completely still and scared out of my mind. (I had every reason to be because Agent Mckenna said he was coming back and I was going to juvie the next time and not just a court summons). Following this, I saw two large build men with black vest with very vibrant POLICE written on them with a flashlight in one hand and a pistol in the other running faster than an LSU running back around to catch my “friends” with two additional behind the first yeilding assault rifles. Three additional climbed up on the side of the deck while saying, "Randall, I told you we were coming back, did I not?"

My response remained silent.

As I was shaken down by Agent Mckenna and cuffed while sitting me down in the white plastic lawn chair and telling me my Miranda rights. (“He’s a public official, and therefore may say his name, but if the does have a problem he can kiss my ****” and I don’t use that choice of language but that’s what telling him and what I’m saying is true so help me God so, sue me"). I actually thank him even though he was unethical in his procedures)There were probably close to thirty officers and agents both of Shreveport Police and Caddo Sheriff in my backyard and most going through the bushes. They found multiple ends what is referred too as “roaches” and the joint and wanted somebody to take the charge. I did confess(I was a child, but also everybody knows to take your own charge on the street).

As he was lecturing me while my grandmother stood there again disappointed at me, He said, “BOY YOU WILL RESPECT ME

My choice of response being very disrespectful, “I’ll respect you when you respect me!

Subsequently, he told one agent to take my grandmother in and do explain her rights as well,
Above all he stairs into the yard for a good thirty seconds, I was actually praying that if God would get me out of this I’ll never do it again, as other agents and officers skimming the back yard. All of a sudden, I was ripped up by my throat into the air and told “YOU ARE GOING TO RESPECT ME” As he placed me back down.

Out loud I kept saying, “you just choked me” about ten times. May I add other officers/agents never blinking an eye.

We all were ordered into the house. My kitchen table was full of paperwork and agents with ski masks sitting at the table all laughing and whatnot as we were placed on the couch still remaining in handcuffs. I always described it as thanksgiving with the jumpout boys." My grandmother and us being the only ones, not laughing. Well, my grandmother was appalled for their lack of search warrant but lacked knowledge of probable cause, therefore, she is a little agitated. Agent Mckenna told her to “shut up and sign this paper” or she was going to jail too.

As a result, they made her sign what to this day, I can’t find anything that may give them the power of such, but a “No trespassing order” allowing police the same rights as the owner of the house and may enter and arrest any individual they so desire on the property. (I’ve searched countless laws and found nothing that they could have gotten her to sign. All they said, “We will have permission to come in or go in your back yard whenever we may wish.”)

We were all given court summons for possession of a controlled substance(CDS I). In which if you recall I took the charge, My assumption is guilty by association but, I and one other idvidual were a minor and the other two seventeen (17) making them an adult in Louisiana. My grandmother charged with disorderly household for the second time and to give myself peace of mind the district attorney did not even prosecute her for it because the judge threw the first one out, and I quote the judge according to my grandmother’s words "I’ve never heard of this in all my days in law, Asking the ADA what it meant. My grandmother said the ADA called out a civil code for having what you would call "garbage all over the yard. not maintained properly. and things of such, it’s not a criminal offense, but they were in criminal court.

The judge not only ruled the charges dropped, but the court cost waived and paid for by the court.

I’ve been clean ever since the completion at age fifteen (15) of an eight-week drug diversion program. God had mercy as well as the court for the fact I somehow was prosecuted in my second offense before my first which included illegal use of CDS in front of a minor and, I was a minor. By never being represented or having the choice thereof the judge demanded the first offense be dropped and called the illegal use of CDS in front of a minor would not apply to a minor, He demanded the prosecution offer me an eight (8) week drug diversion.

I have been clean since, but not my last encounter with S.R.T. However, my last occurrence was due to my older sister who still chooses this substance on a daily basis even to this day.

This story was not intended to make Police seem bad, but testify my route to finding freedom from addiction and the truth of the men and women who enforce and the courts after it.

God bless you all and if you are a user of Marijuana…please find freedom because it does effect your right to purchase and own a firearm. (Not that I agree with the law, but it’s the law and you want here a counter-argument out of me)

Hope all learned something and thanks again @MikeBKY


Randall W. Anderson


@Randall318 thank you for taking the time to share your story. Life is difficult at times (many for most of us) are opportunities to help us to grow. I am thrilled that this brought about a change in your life for the better.
I appreciate your not calling out the police but what you described showed abuse of authority by one or more officers. As in any population, there are bad apples in policing and there are times where even the good ones make poor decisions.
I am really pleased you are joining the legal profession where you can use your life experience to help others.



Your welcome and thank you as well.

I needed this lesson to not go down the wrong path… I won’t even touch an acholic beverage now, Nothing against responsible ones who do drink.

The best part is that I was a child when the lesson was learned.