Freedoms Forfieted

Take a trip with me and my family as we travel back in time and literally walk in the footsteps of our Founding Fathers. We discovered some of the “Freedoms Forfeited” during the birth of our nation, as well as, modern day infringements at some of the most historic places in our country.

Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello
George Washington’s Mount Vernon
National Mall and Memorial Parks
Independence Hall Philadelphia
Gettysburg National Military Park!

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Well written! Sounds like an interesting vacation. I would not leave my gun in the car when we took a short vacation earlier this summer. The Girlfriend was NOT amused.

I will do more planning as to what is gun friendly and what is not before I take another trip.


Thanks, I have a lockbox that is secured to the car that I lock it up when I have leave it in the car.


I should get a lockbox. Just locking it in the car was not a good option. But, every once in a while you have to go to a gun free zone.

Here is what I use in my truck

And my portable option

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Hornady Snap Safe. High density plastic–light, and easy to use. And only $30.
I have one of these and a couple of the biometric. The biometric safes are great, until they don’t work. And they don’t always work.

It is all good until you get mauled by a Mountain Lion or a bear. I there are Mountain Lions in these areas, even the Parks have signs about these critters in the park. Just saying!

I am not big on biometric myself. The ones from The Gunbox have RFID and Keypad codes entry in addition to the biometric option.

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