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VIDEO is working, and it is not a trap, just forced to redirect !!!



I’m surprised they let him talk as long as they did.

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Nope, not clicking on any blind link with no informaiton on what it is, where it is, or what it is about.


That is a very good general rule to follow.

I took the dive into the danger zone on this one, it’s a video of John Lott saying the things we already know


John Lott says it like it is, but who listens anyway.


It is not a blind link. NOT A TRAP, but good to listen too.

Respect to always.

William Smith

Until your second post, what I saw on the OP was just a linked word “redirect” with absolutely no indication of what the link URL was, what the target might be (e.g. article, image, video), what it was about or why I should care. Now that you reposted in your send post, the top one also properly appears as the video.
Thank you for the update.


Reason for REDIRECT was the video was denied to post on any social media, including USCCA. Looks like the video was banned again. It was free, not selling it or was it TOP SECRET. Thank You. What a waste !