Fox Lies - $790 Million Dominion Settlement

Fox News admits that their stories about Dominion voting machines changing votes were false. Apparently Fox really didn’t want their hosts on the stand under oath telling the truth. Does anyone still believe Fox News?


Fox News is important because they cover stories that otherwise get ignored, and they provide a place for opinions that are otherwise squelched. On occasion, it forces other big news companies to address stories they would rather ignore.

They got this one wrong, by their own implicit admission. It happens, and it’s been addressed.

All that said, I still think of Fox News as more of an entertainment site than a serious news site. Like several other big news corporations, they deliver the stories that they know their audience wants to hear. If anyone thinks I’m being too harsh by calling them entertainment, just look at the never-ending lineup of risky photo ads that litters their website.


Fox “News,” like other media sources is not really news, but infotainment. It isn’t about “truth” it’s about attracting and monetizing eyeballs. The more lurid the story, the more viewers are attracted and the more advertising Fox sells. That’s why local crime stories and celebrity scandals make the national news – if it bleeds it leads.

It would be interesting to explore whether the advertising revenue Fox earned from viewers tuning in to watch the Dominion voting machine story unfold was more or less than the $790 million settlement Fox paid.


You have to remember Disney owns Fox it’s their attempt at influencing "conservatives " all this was a way to funnel money to dominion


This is tricky… Disney bought 21st Century Fox, but did not buy all their assets. The parts they did not buy were spun off into Fox Corporation, which owns Fox News. So Disney does not own Fox News. Yet.

This was a surprise to me, I thought Disney owned everything.


Fox News avoided covering the Dominion story, so there were no viewers tuned in to watch it unfold. Fox burried and discounted the story so it’s viewers didn’t know about or belive it.

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Wow. How could you actually believe that?

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Fox, MSNBC, CNN etc, they are all editorial sites, places for the owners to broadcast their opinions, usually painted as “The Truth”. A little bit of critical thinking is all it takes to realize that today there really isn’t any “News”.


//Fox News avoided covering the Dominion story, so there were no viewers tuned in to watch it unfold//

No coverage, no on air coverage, no statements. Really? Hard for me to believe that assertion, especially since Fox wrote a $790 million check for a case where there was no coverage. If you claims are true, Fox needs better lawyers – “I understand that there was no coverage, no statements, but you (my clients, Fox News) should write a check for nearly a billion, 'cause I can’t possibly defend you in a trial.”


Fox News didn’t cover the Dominion lawsuit story, sorry, that’s what I thought the other poster was trying to say. My mistake. But correct, bashing Dominion after the election kept a loot of viewers from defecting to other “news” channels.


More than I believe the current president…everything is relative…I do follow the Epoch Times and the Daily Wire…Even listen to Glenn Beck from time to time…he was certainly spot on about Soros lo those many years ago when he was on Fox…loved that white board…

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Folks, I hate to break it to us all, but there is no news.

“News” serves one purpose - to generate advertising revenue for corporate boards and shareholders - that’s it. CNN, fox, nbc, cbs, abc, all they want is advertising dollars, either thru clicks or market surveys to see who’s watching what channels.

What we call “news” is only the most shocking, thrilling, galling events of the day, designed to suck us in and keep us wondering “oh my gosh, what’s next?” And then thinking that we will eventually discover “truth” from a new program.


News has become the national water cooler, around which gossip (conspiracy theories) and the most depressing reports of shootings, bombings, wars, inflation, freak the crap out of us.

There is much more truly representative news going on around your dinner table, in school plays, in church, in community outreach programs, when neighbors help each other, when government really does some good things, when someone takes their foot off the gas to let someone change lanes in front of them.

That’s just a small sampling of what’s REALLY going on. The “news” just wants us to crap our pants because everything seems so awful, and then draw us back to give us half-answers and hook us into coming back for more.

News just simply is not news.


Do you believe CNN? C’mon, man!

Okay… You have a point. But, I think they thought they were right and then doubled down. The settlement is just insurance against the machine that will protect itself no matter what.

Imagine a world without Fox News… How do you like your bugs? Fried or boiled?



There are far more reputable and unbiased news sources. FoxNews can shrivel up and our republic, which existed long before Fox, will go on.

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Actually, in our age of 24-hour, outrage news as entertainment… if Fox News disappeared, something else would take its place.

Part of the reason Fox News is so successful is that it caters to a very large audience without much competition. The country is split something like 40/40 with the angry left vs the angry right. The angry left has multiple news channels to watch to feed their outrage addition. The angry right basically has one. There are plenty of smaller sources, but none of them have the coverage that Fox has.


I think a few people here are missing the point. It is not the same as CNN, MSNBC, … Sure, each “news” outlet has a bias and emphasizes stories that favor their bias, and supresses stories that don’t. But what hapened here is Fox News ran false stories that they knew were false. That is a whole 'nother thing. Without these lies there would not have been a Jan 6th insurection, no dead capital police officers, etc.


Name 3 that aren’t a part of the propaganda arm of the DNC.

Absent another conspiracy theory, I don’t know how this would be proven either way. I lean on AP News, BBC News and (highly biased) National Review.


I do something similar. Knowing that all news sources are biased- whether deliberately or unintentionally- we owe it to ourselves to check multiple sources. And personally, I think it’s a good idea to check sources with different biases, so I can 1) get the stories that other sources are skipping, and 2) get the different spin on the same stories.

Like you, I also like to check BBC and some other non-U.S. news sources. Even if they have their own biases, it’s helpful to get outsider perspectives on U.S. news. It’s also helpful to get actual news stories from around the world that the U.S. news companies will skip. I remember when 20,000 people died in a Turkish earthquake, and it barely made the back page in U.S. news.


AP has been caught faking news (also love their new stylebook), the BBC is literally state-run media. National Review is okay. I recommend NPR if you like domestic state-run media; I quit them about the same time as they came out with “I’d Rather Eat My Pants” (boy did they jump the shark quick). Finally, Buzzfeed if you’re feeling frisky. Oh wait, never mind, they just went out of business. Meanwhile FoxNews is killing it. But I get your point. I typically read multiple sites and don’t blindly trust Fox, but I am amazed of how many things they and the DailyWire report on that you don’t see anywhere else, even when it is big news. Stay Frosty! Have a great weekend!