FOX has gone all in on gun control

I’m watching Outnumbered on FOX…They are parroting all the liberal networks saying something must be done now. They are calling for the AWB, universal background checks, red flag laws, etc. etc.

Contact FOX, tell them how you feel. Or do nothing and surrender your rights.


@Michael7 I’m at work so I can’t write them now, but I will tonight. Do you have a letter you’d like to share?


In what context are they speaking? Are they merely pointing the Democratic rhetoric in the course of a discussion? Are they actually supporting these policies? And bear in mind that they may not be properly or fully informed about the issues, already existing laws, or even about firearms. The other day a Fox reporter made reference to an “AR-47”. Don’t just hear what they are saying, instead, listen to what they are saying before making judgement. (And yes, there is a big difference between hearing and listening)

Try writing or tweeting or in some way communicating with the personalities to find these answers, and maybe even make an.attempt to educate them if necessary.

Frankly, red flag laws could be an important and useful tool to minimize accessibility to firearms by individuals who should not have access. They must be carefully construed and intelligently enforced though so as to prevent any abusive use of them.

Background checks are another useful tool in the pursuit of minimizing access to firearms by those who should not have it. To believe they solve gun violence is to live in a fantasy land though.

Calling for AW bans is nothing more than a show of ignorance, dishonesty, or an attempt to create an unfounded fear in the public in order to gain support for their true agenda. The rifles they call assault weapons and weapons of war are in fact neither.

@Michael7 @Zee @Robert149
Friends this was covered a little while ago. If everyone goes to the website there’s letters all ready to send to President Trump, and other of your state and federal politicians from all states. You do not have to be a member of Gun Owners of America to send anyone a letter and no contribution is necessary to use them. If you want to contribute it’s well and good but not mandatory as I stated. There’s one up there specifically addressing the Fox News Employees, I filled one out some time ago and just sent another one to Pres. Trump just a few moments ago.


thanks @Robert8. It’s useful to add this link wherever this topic comes up as we may not have seen that link or remember where it is. Make it easy for folks to do the useful thing, that’s always a good plan. :grinning:

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Hey @Zee nice to see you today. I thought I read earlier today you were at work so I just kept quiet and I knew you would get around to comment so I will add that link when I open my yapp in the future. There’s many many other letters with an entire spectrum of letters available for members and non-members alike. As I said you don’t necessarily have to be a member to participate.

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yep, at work. snuck in a moment to check what y’all are up to. :wink:

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Done and done.

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@David38. Yes Sir Dave and Goodnight my new Gun buddy. :+1::raised_hand:

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Good night, my friend. Sleep well and dream of large bullseyes.

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