Founders knew and had no problems with


The controversial swirl around stabilizing braces has its roots in the abandonment of libertarian principles and the slippery slope of the nation’s attempts to legislate morality – first with Prohibition and repeated with the war on drugs.

During Prohibition, organized crime supplied a thirsty America with booze and used violence as part and parcel of its business model. 1920s era federal authorities observed that gangsters used short barrel rifles and machine guns, so they banned such devices (to keep us safe, of course) and created administrative/tax agencies to enforce the ban. Those Depression era administrative agencies eventually became the ATF that now defines what’s legal and what’s not in the world of firearms.


The Founders sure did know…How did we forget------ Don102

OK Folks… “A visitor from the Past”
by Thelen Paulk - Nineteen Eighty Eight

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thirty + years ago I swore an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies foriegn and DOMESTIC
it is starting to look like that time has come


Well then Sir, We best get on with it.

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