For You Sci-Fi Fans

For a digression from more serious topics, THE WEAPON SHOPS OF ISHER - by A. E. Van Vogt - and his other novels on Isher society might be the ticket. Van Vogt was an influential sci-fi author, and wrote this thoughtful novel in '51, when I was a baby. FYI


I can’t believe you posted this. I was considering doing so just yesterday. The most important quote in this novel:

“The right to buy weapons is the right to be free.”

It’s well worth a read, and you can finish it in an evening.


The quote drove me to post it - if I can, I’m re-reading this, plus his other books. Vonnegut is another favorite - I once binge-read him - I appreciate his economy of words.


recall reading this or something very like it… made me think… thanks for reminding me…

just did a look up and bought it for a read later LOL

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