For the Christian

Jesus is supposed to be the one we follow in his footsteps. He’s god, he’s almighty. He doesn’t need weapons to protect himself as he controls what we can’t.

When I heard from God himself he told me I didn’t need to bring my messenger bag that I use to carry a Planner, and my trauma kit- the Trauma kit being the #1 thing I carry with me.

I’ve spent 5 years studying conceal carry, learning the ins and outs, training, learning how to protect people and save lives.

Now the Holy Spirit is telling me to forget everything I’ve ever learned. I have to learn from it now, and I’ve taken the past few months studying Dave Ramsey to get my financial plan on track, my conceal carry stuff up to date. I’m unsure of what it is telling me, and it’s a tough internal battle.


:rofl: Even after more then 2000 years… :roll_eyes:


A machete certainly can be used as a weapon, especially to sever the servant’s ear----something Jesus would have foreseen.

I don’t think the Romans would even allow Jews to possess actual swords.


Your interpretation is incomplete. The exact same word, μάχαιρα, is used many times in the New Testament to refer to swords, i.e., armaments, not just machetes to clear out brush.


I agree. I was merely offering an alternative perspective. I do believe that, while He did not advocate violence, I do believe He understood circumstances in which it may be necessary. The church didn’t always see it that way, however. It was not until the late 1000’s, at the beginning of the crusades, when the church sanctioned “righteous violence”. There are still many Christians who believe Jesus promoted complete pacifism. I, however, am not one of them.


You are correct. While there are still Christians who claim Jesus promoted pacifism, I believe He understood better than we ever could how violence can be a necessary evil.


Some here, probably many will call BS on this but I think this one possible explanation.

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least we forget…


the comments are often worth reading…

and there are many more of such video’s out there…


I took a part time job and soon after the office the office hired a Jezebel. She wanted and tried to take over the office. I told her to slow down, I wasn’t used to that pace and her attitude. I told her to slow down and she laughed in my face. I thought about what to say all night and the next morning I unloaded on her. I was polite but firm and direct. First thing she did was cry and then went after my job. I quit because I didn’t need a job. She quit soon afterwards because I exposed her and how she operated.


Another piece of biblical trivia.

The word “Palestine” is descended from the word “Philistines”.

The Philistines were the Old Testament sworn enemies of Israel.

Interesting, no??


I am starting to like Isaiah 8:12, but am not sure it means what I think it means.

Do not call conspiracy
everything this people calls a conspiracy;
do not fear what they fear,
and do not dread it.