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Sent my Leather IWB back to Muddy River Tactical with this message:

I’m have a little bit of a problem with my Kimber EVO holster. During dry fire practice the holster will draw with the firearm. Not every time, maybe 2 out of 20. Is it possible to replace the steel clip? Or do I need to send the holster back to you to get it fixed.
I’ll pay for a new clip or to get it repaired if necessary, I just want it to be as close to 100% reliable as I can get it. like it has been up until just lately."

The response took a week, I had a new holster in my mail box.

OK now for my whinny stuff,
I got a NEW LEATHER HOLSTER, that means I now need several weeks to break it in. My old one had a year or so of daily wear, it was broken in so for the most part I didn’t feel it when I had it on. But Now, I have a sore spot on my muffin top where the holster rubs.
Off my Whinny Stuff

These guys are for real, good quality and great minus 1/2 point customer service.


Holsters are like women, sometimes they just rub you the wrong way and most require a break in period! However, I do agree, broke in leather is like a broke in pair of jeans!
Just to be fair, some of us guys need some breaking in! LOL, rub some dirt on your muffin, you’ll be fine, LMAO. :joy:

I do business with Muddy River Tactical, and he’s been great and responsive, granted I use strictly Kydex, so my muffins are always sore. Personally I prefer the slight retention factor and the belt loops for a secure fit and draw capability! That’s my whiny retort!

Hope your muffin is ok! :vulcan_salute:


Maybe for during the holster break-in period use “SALONPAS” medicated stick-on pads on the muffin rubbed area. :laughing: That might relief the soreness, and cushions that spot. :wink:


Wondering how those hybrid leather/ kydex holsters feel.


Something like this!

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I have a Crossbreed holster for my P365. The leather part has molded very well to my waist. I wear it OWB at the 4 o’clock. I am very fond of it and will buy another to be sure.