For Ancient Roman History Buffs

One of the really great mini-series the BBC produced and PBS broadcast was I, CLAUDIUS, adapted from Robert Graves’ novels, I, Claudius and the sequel, Claudius the God. For binge-watchers, the entire 12 episodes can be had as an anthology, with an ending documentary - The Epic That Never Was - narrated by Dirk Bogarde, about the 1937 film that completely failed. You’ll see a top-notch British cast - it made Derek Jacobi a star, and you’ll see Patrick Stewart as Sejanus in one of his early roles. It even affected my dad, who at first didn’t want to watch, “a buncha guys walkin’ around wearin’ sheets!”. The way the writers combined the events in both novels with everyday Roman life is admirable. Compare this - made in the '70s - with the absolutely mindless junk we have now. FYI