For all the hypothetical junkies

It’s 7:17 pm, the sun just dropped below the horizon, casting a dark purplish glow over the gas station. It’s not dark enough for the lights to come on yet?

My vehicle is locked, keys in my pocket. Eyes are darting from left to right and all around. I place the pump in my tank and look left to see a figure headed in my direction, no worries at this point, maybe he’s headed into the convenience store… every nickel in gas I spend it’s getting darker.

When I look to my right I see another figure headed in my direction, when unexpectedly the figure to my left has a gun in my face demanding my wallet and keys. So, like the responsible, armed, law abiding America, I give it all up in favor of self preservation!

As left figure makes off with my car and wallet I’m faced with the figure to the right who also now has a weapon in my face, explaining how I shouldn’t move. So, like any other good law abiding, gun toting American, I comply, and don’t move!

Suddenly behind the figure to my right, loud screeching and three loud booms from a three car pileup distracts the gun wielding perp. Long enough for me to draw my weapon, crack his skull sending him to the ground, where I now have my knee in his back and a .45 plugged into his brain, Matrix style, he’s learning!
I dial 911 with my free hand, describing to the operator all that’s happening and what I’m wearing. Most importantly that there is a .45 itching to leave the barrel of my gun, spoiler alert…sarcasm!

The crowd starts running towards the sounds of the crash, when the lights come on overhead. Much to the surprise half the crowd sees me and only me. Gun drawn and knee in the back of what the witnesses will call an innocent man.

As the crowd draws near I inform the people and the perp on the ground, that if the crowed moves towards me, I’ll put his brain on the concrete. Everyone is still, except for the creeps heart beat I feel through my knee. I make my point clear, one more heartbeat and I will consider it an aggressive move and I will shoot. Like a good law abiding felon, he complies.

Lights and sirens all over for the accident and the “man with a gun” call. We are both surrounded, slowly, ( it’s a Kimber after all ) I lay my weapon gently down to my right. Raise my hands slowly, so as no to get dead, that’s D E D, dead.
Law enforcement rushes in to handcuff the both of us and retrieve my weapon and the perps plastic toy gun!

As we are separated and placed at different squad cars I’m asked, wait for it, “sir do you have a permit for that weapon?”
I say, of course I do, but the guy that stole my car and my wallet has it! Likely story the officer says and places me in the squad car.
Am I guilty of possession without a license? Am I guilty of using my weapon against a toy gun? Am I guilty of assault with a deadly weapon when I hit the perp?.




I would think, after a thorough investigation, your “story” would check out.


Is this a true story? Cops are typically smart asses, like soldiers. It’s just talking Sh!t.


As with all self defense situations i would expect to be put in handcuffs and placed in a car.

I am extremely hesitant to answer any questions from law enforcement. It wouldn’t matter how justified I felt and with his remark in this scenario I would absolutely be done talking without a lawyer present. Sure they’re probably going to get mad and pushy about it. I’m not a lawyer but I’ve heard it out of a circuit court judge’s own mouth do not talk the police.

As for the tactics used they seem sound and other then the damage to the car I would judge it a success. If you’re being mugged and hand over your belongings but the threat of death or serious bodily harm do not go away the chances of the encounter turning violent will only increase. And tho they had the element of surprise you can swing the advantage back into your favor with overwhelming them with violence of action. However once this course is set in motion the stakes are always life or death so you must not hesitate or ease up. There would be no rules only a winner and a loser.

Great hypothetical, these are always thought provoking and fun to see how different people come to different breakdowns


I guess right figure didn’t realize left figure already stole your wallet and car and you likely don’t have anything worthwhile to steal? Of course maybe he saw your Kimber with the fancy VZ grips and thought he wanted it - just not ammo first! :grinning:



No on license, once verified you have valid license that had just been jacked…

I’d think gas station film footage would’ve shown all this, plus man with toy approaching as if it were real. Bad move on his part.

You don’t fire the deadly weapon but use it as a less lethal option…some ahole DA might try that but I’d think you’d be applauded for not shooting.

These are solely MY opinions. Its not legal advice. I am not an attorney, just a fellow concealed carrier.


If you could provide some background info
(where you came from, why you stopped at that particular station, how your day went, what you had for lunch and breakfast—what, you had brunch?),
you can be the next Vince Flynn.


Oh, c’mon the “purple haze” over the gas station wasn’t ethereal enough? LOL


Now you are quoting Hendrix? :rofl:


Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky!


You have to listen to it backwards, “scuse me while I rack this slide” always keep one in the chamber, “hey Joe…” you know the thing!