Florida boy, 15, died while 'protecting' sister, 5, from home invasion,


wow, that’s a tough one. :cry: Good man, that 15-year-old boy.

here’s another article with some additional information:

the bad guy “…was a familiar figure to police officers, had a history of drug use and was on probation, the sheriff said. Booking records show he has been arrested more than 20 times since 2011 and has served time on drug and theft charges.”

Seems like something could have been done with the bad guy before this. :rage: Or, if the young hero had access to a firearm…

Here’s the gofundme for Khyler’s funeral expenses and to help his sister and mother move to a different home.


Dam. That was close to my neighborhood. Sad. Poor kid and family .

Good post, Zee, my O/C friend.


Wow, what a kid! The perp needs to be the subject of one of those post conviction abortions!


As of this post they’ve raised $80K of a requested $25K. Most excellent.

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