Florida Bill - HB 1205: Protection of Constitutional Firearms Rights

Pay attention to this… It is winding its way through.

House Bill 1205 (2021) - The Florida Senate (flsenate.gov)


I hope it makes it through. The disappointment is that it does not cancel the requirement to have a license to carry not removed the requirement to conceal our weapons.

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Unfortunately, it will probably require more difficult times for that to happen.

So this, in and of itself, is GOOD! More states should follow Florida’s lead.

However, it doesn’t alleviate my greatest fear, which is the total collapse of checks and balances at the Federal level. We have a Supreme Court which has time and again refused to defend the Second Amendment or federalism. In this climate, it doesn’t make a hill of beans difference what legislation the states pass, if the Feds are going to trample them unchecked.

The states carry the power. Working in harmony together with each other dictates the outcome more now than ever. Eyes on CA, it seems the tide is turning Red over there.

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Agree @Christopher184 . The states hold the power … only IF they assert it en masse. Florida and Texas can’t save the soul of the country by themselves.


So many of the states became employees of the Federal Government by accepting bribe money that came from the pockets of the state’s citizens by federal taxation. Watch, the threat to withhold money from the states for infrastructure or education will be some of the first shots fired. Only the states run by a state government that understands the U.S. Constitution has a chance to show that they have a spine.

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